More ways to earn Iron

Now we can earn 500 iron (instead of 250 in the first ToD) in the second ToD of the game, but we still can buy just ONE
rare character skin from the store (example, Marcus Hivebuster) or TWO common character skins (Gear Corpse). So after that, we have to pay for Iron, without any other ways to earn it. In GoW4 we had credits and loot boxes. I hated loot boxes, but honestly they were a good solution to allow everyone to get almost all characters (Black Steel and challenge characters are off topic) without paying.
I would like some reward in Iron for playing, getting better or for ranking. Every week I get XP and some skins, and if we get some Iron too? Rank based for versus and difficulty based for Horde and Escape.

It was 500 in the first ToD as well.

Also, they’ve made it clear very clear that they aren’t willing to give more iron than they already do, so I guess it’s just one of those things that we’ll just to accept unfortunately.

Are you sure? At the end of ToD I had 250 Iron without spending it.
Anyway, that’s a big shame. I know that they need support for servers and many other things, but I’ve paid 80€ for this game and the store feels like a F2P store to me. I like doing challenge to unlock characters and skins in ToD but these will not be updated for months.

Yes I’m sure. If you completed the road to Gears challenges in Gears4 prior to the release of 5, there was one that awarded you 250iron. Most probably you got them from there.

Gotcha, thanks for answering!

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I prefer earning 2000 credits and buying Elite boxes, scrapping the Purples and Yellows and making my own Skill Cards. This Gears game has done away with that, it has become Activision, greedy ■■■■■■■■ that want you to buy the game and then buy it again so you could have characters and stuff that is, and or should be able to earn anyways.
I do not like the new system, i did like the old one, but i still hated there were Microtransactions.


The only thing I would like to see them add is that you earn 5 iron for completing your 3 daily challenges. Gears Pop lets you earn 10 for your 3 dailys and it gives a real incentive to play every day.

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The thing people seem to forget is that Iron was never intended as a replacement for Credits.

Iron is purely an ingame currency substitute for real life money. It’s supposed to be used to generate money for TC in the absence of a season pass.

The usual Credits system and being able to acquire custom items for free has been replaced by the Supply Drop system, which admittedly is very limited and poor.

Ironically the fact that TC are making small amounts of it earnable has just made more people demand more ways of getting it for free because of expectations.

I’ll agree that this also partly comes from the fact that TC are selling quite a lot of custom skins via the store, including alot which are poorer quality and not really premium standard, and these skins could probably be better being earnable rewards (or added to Supply).

My view is that the TC need to be a bit more generous with how they make custom skins available to fans to earn throughout an Operation. More objectives and make excess stars after you reach General worth something I’m not suggesting Iron as a reward, but Scrap would be nice too.

The Supply range of items needs to be improved and to include far moreweapons and more characters.

Weapon skins need to be sold in Store as full packs. It’s a low move to only sell partial packs. I think the Halloween weapons were like thay - you earned some of them and had to buy the rest. Weapon sets should either commit to one or the other - make the full set earnable or the full set purchasable.

Price-wise, I think the characters are fine. Weapon sets? It’s far too mixed. I don’t like how some weapons are 400 Iron each.

I think people need to remember that in GOW4 that character skins cost $9.99 USD / £8.39 each, and prior to direct purchase, it would probably cost more to acquire them all cos of RNG (I know credits were a factor too, and I’m just referring to money purchases for the sake of simplicity), so the prices in GOW5 have taken a much better direction.


$60 or even $80 doesn’t pay for triple A games to be made anymore. Game prices have stayed almost the same since I was a kid but the price of making them has gone through the roof. If games start taking a loss just so no one complains about micro transactions we wont have games to play a t all for very long. Like it or not making games always has and always will be a business and businesses have make money or parish. If you don’t like the pricing you are in no way fashion or form forced to buy anything. There are free skins to earn, characters to unlock, and maps that you can play on like everyone else without spending another dime after your initial entry point purchase. I don’t like some of the pricing in the store but I just don’t buy it.

There’s a couple of things to add.

Gaming is much more prolific nowadays and the industry is worth alot and is churning out alot of new titles compared to in the past. This does however lead to the market being diluted with too many games. Ultimately consumers still have a finite amount of money, and some consumers spend more than others (casual gamers).

The retail market as a whole has changed massively with games being delivered online as well as in brick-and-mortar shops, and also as downloads. Prices tend to drop far.more drastically and far quicker than in the past. A new release could be $60 in the first 2 months but be $40 then $20 etc after. In the past (and we’re talking 20+ years ago) I dont think this happened anywhere near to this level. Within the current and most recent console generations I’ve personally bought many games for really cheap and actually rarely buy games at launch. For me personally in the last 4-5 years GOW4 and GOW5 are exceptions to the rule (along with Fallout 4 and Mass Effect Andromeda).

I still think the gaming industry needs to look internally at ways of being more efficient and keeping costs down. It sounds far too bloated and is not sustainable. It could lead to a crash at some point.


Agreed. With the exception of Gears I almost never pay more than $20 for a game. I wait for them to reduce and then go on sale.

Keep your wallet in your pocket…neither the game or the developer…deserve anybody’s money…for this AAA release🙄


Yup, as with the last gears game I’m finding myself spending more time on the forums than in the game, I find you lot more entertaining, just think about that lol

Didn’t even know where was a forum during epics time with gears, jus too damn busy playing the sh*t outa those games to even notice that it was actually the next day now and I should be at work, or I’m dying of hunger and need to feed the meat bag attached to my eyes and hands, again ffs

All I wana do is play gears

But I’m not



Only did campaign on 1…but 2 and 3…never off them…still play both now saber…not sure how tc got so much…so wrong…but they have and its a real shame😑

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Not sure where you are getting your information from, but in the last 10 or 20 years the price of games has doubled, and where they have not, Microtransactions have been implemented. Someone somewhere realised people are stupid, and if you allow pay to win, they will win, by fair means or foul.
Of course, pay to win is a broad term now, but the concept is still the same.
As for a Triple A game, i have no idea what that is, or even what is a Triple A game, and you can not consider Gears 5 a Triple A game, it was broken on release, it is still broken, and even if they fix it, it is still messed up.
I do not do Microtransactions, i consider it greed. I prefer to buy the game full price, pay for a Season Pass, or buy the DLC in parts. If this is never brought back, then it is up to the idiots around the world feeding the machine with Microtransactions to keep the games flowing. But know this, if you ever expect a Triple A game, you need to stop feeding the machine. Pay for what you get, you get what you pay for, they sound the same, but mean two different things.

I’m sorry, but that isn’t even remotely true.

Most new titles nowadays cost around £50 / $60 or so.

I remember back in the days of the Sega Mega Drive, Sega Saturn, SNES, Playstation… even the last generation of consoles (X Box 360 etc) where games would cost around £40-50.

The cost of games can vary somewhat, but broadly speaking as an average they have increased but only by a fairly small amount. Certainly not doubled.

I dunno, most major title have pre orders set around $80-100 usd. This is usually the deluxe version which is either a great deal with in game content or just gimmicky stuff added on (soundtrack, concept art, avatars). Then a standard edition will usually run around $60 usd.

Also consider how much companies save now not having to produce excess physical copies of games. Vast majority of games are all downloaded or streamed now.

I’m referring to the standard editions.

And while special editions were rarer say, 20 odd years ago, they did exist and would cost more accordingly. It wouldn’t be far to compare standard editions back then to special editions now just to say that the cost has doubled. It needs to be a like-for-like comparison.

I agree, that’s why I mentioned production costs with games not needing to have such large scale releases of physical copies. I am speculating a bit here, but it has to have dwindled down from the days that you could only play a physical copy. So this has to have some effect on the purchase price. Then factor in how much larger the gaming industry is now, how many more people play video games now. So lower production price with higher and faster sales could be what is keeping the prices similar to the prices we payed for cartridges in the 90’s.

Admittedly I do not know what it takes to develop a video game of a major title before it can even reach production.

If you factor in the creative, coding, packaging and advertising cost of a Mega Drive game of yesteryear and compare it to today’s creative, coding, packaging and advertising cost for an Xbox game, then yes, today’s games are overpriced.
In any case, you have agreed the prices have increased, and at a time when they are so cheap to make. I think i will rest my case there.