More visual changes that came with the Ruined Mac - update

I think by now everyone (besides Dana ofc) is aware that Macs face was ruined with the 2nd last update. After playing him yesterday I also noticed that they changed his proportions and made him noticeable smaller which looks really weird when you play him. I might be paranoid and imagening things but I’m 100% certain that Mac used to look a lot taller.

Oh, and the liquid in the tank on top of the Cryo Cannon looks slightly different now. For some reason. Hasn’t been mentioned anywhere as well.


Weird as hell.

I use wilds mac so I dont have to look at his damn naked mug so I haven’t really noticed any proportion changes

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I’ve only used the Mechanic so far so I might be seeing things but it certainly feels different. I took a screenshot back when I redeemed the skin so I might try to compare them later.

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Might not be a visual change, but respawn dialogue stopped working.

Yes, very bizarre changes to Mac. Still confused by it and they’ve still offered no explanation? :man_facepalming:

If I remember correctly, TC had to change Mac’s face because the actor who voiced him and who was the model for the in game character sued TC as he was scheduled to appear in another game. Apparently there is a clause that characters from different games and different companies cannot resemble each other. It’s copyright infringement.

Well, the face remains the same on each card, banner or whatever where Mac appears and he still looks like he used to.
Also; Source on that?

No official source. I read it on the forum but don’t remember who posted it.

Was that something someone posted here? I thought the guy who posted that was on a tear trolling people for fun or something so I stopped taking things he said seriously. lol.

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Maybe. But I won’t be surprised if it’s true. There is a reason why his face changed. Something must have happened.

TC. TC happened. And they never address important stuff. Not a single word about the increased loading times in Escape as well.


Hahaha, I’m afraid it will keep on happening. Embrace yourself. I bet more changes that nobody asked for are coming.

I don’t think anyone asked for Mac to be nerfed from 100% bleed and Adrenaline Junkie to 60% either, back in Op 1(that nerf was also never given a reason iirc, do not recall if it was ever announced but pretty sure it wasn’t), things he could very well just have back now that we have Fahz.


You did read it here. I Googled said actor and came up dry. No IMDB page or anything. I think it was a troll.


@TC_Sera would it be possible for you to inquire about this please?

A question came up during the stream, and once there is anything that can be said, it will be


I want me Mac back

Thanks, I dont watch the streams so I didnt know its was already asked.


Totally understandable, just mentioning it more to say it was asked and is being looked at :smiley:


Ooh, so I’m hoping if there are no legal issues, then there is a possibility of getting our old Mac back? :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: