More Versus Glitches + the Juggler-emote is buggy

Spawned in as a ghost. No clue if others could see me, but at some point you can hear my reload-sound.

The stats for Kills per minute in Quickplay and Elims per minute and Uptime in ranked are still broken.

And the Juggle-emote is slightly offcenter when you hold a heavy weapon while initiating it. Doesn’t matter which one.

I want to be upset but its kinda funny to see. but yk its tc…

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Yeah, I don’t mind if they don’t fix the emote. That got a slight smirk out of me.

The versus-stuff has to stop though. Arcade remains a gamble if you even get to play consistantly and I dread the day when I don’t spawn in during a ranked-match.

I havent played arcade since 5 came out is it still the same as launch or?
and yeah ranked… luckily i dont care about ranked that much. ranked is a joke here.

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What do you mean? That glitch where you can’t move / get the “trouble connecting to server”-icon seems to happen since around OP4. It started happening to me near the launch of OP5 and Arcade hasn’t worked properly since then.

I just meant like has arcade had any updates to it in terms of joy and entertainment.
Its a fun mode I just forgot about it tbh.

It’s fun for me. If you have to hold on to your Gnasher 24/7 it’s certainly not enjoyable. Classes have a nice variety and are all “broken” in their own way, but every class has a hardcounter. Fun mode, when it works and you don’t get the potato-squad on your team.

yeah thats why i should play arcade, I get my fair share of gnashering in quickplay. Its nice to use weapons that I dont get to use often in pvp.

that made me laugh lol

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Give COGear/ Raam a try. They got a dropshot in their “random weapon”-pool which has infinite ammo and skips reloading as long as you kill someone with it. Even better when someone trades you their Boomshot (but it works with every weapon, including Heavy weapons - the only one that doesn’t work are the GL-rockets).

That sounds awesome, I might have to try them out. After I finish my daily escape and horde ofc.

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The top one has been in the game since launch. No idea what triggers it, but it has happened to me twice.

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On the videos it says “these type of files are not supported” for me, on console.

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Classic IE/edge.

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