More variety in map layouts?

It’s just an (another) suggestion to make the game more replayable.
Most of the missions are pretty much ok with how random they can appear, but those that involve destroying emulsion pile/find a big crate is too similar in their structure. Specifically in how maps are structured.
Every time there is a gate/bridge. Road to that gate/bridge is exactly the same every time, you just approach it from different sides. Wasteland tileset struggling with this problem the most.

Is this something that can be fixed in future updates?

P.S. The fact that there is no MTA means that we won’t have any major updates for the game, I guess. But DLCs is what I would like to see. Small, like new tilesets or more map randomness/layouts, or even mission types. It’s strange that TC/Splash Damage (mostly) made a game that you almost want it to have DLCs.

When you mention this… I’m not sure whether that’s a Steam thing or the same for both Steam and the MS Store version, but I own the game on Steam and when I went to view the achievements on Xbox, it says “Gears Tactics - Base Game”, as if there’s add-ons planned for it.

Do agree that certain maps could be more varied, the scenery in a few of the side mission locations started to become familiar even on just my first playthrough, which isn’t necessarily a good thing.