More Team Weapon Skins!

Anybody else wish and hope they add more Team Weapon skins to the game?

Sadly lots of people missed out on getting the Team Rock and Team Metal Skins during Tour of Duty 1 so those are unobtainable now. The only other one is Team Ice which is a Re-Up reward that is unlocked at such a high reup level that nobody even has it currently lol.

They seem pretty popular so I hope they add more team skins at some point. Maybe in the store or in the next tour of duty. If they made a team color version of the warm/neon glow skins that have been in the store recently that’d be cool “Team Glow”

What do you guys think? Think Will they add more Team Skins? Do you Like Team Skins?

EDIT: There is also the Halo Team Skins but I personally dont really count those lol

Psst… there is players who have unlocked some of the Team Ice skins already, but not the entire set yet.

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Really? What reup did they start getting it? Highest person I ever talked to was at 28 and still didnt have it

@anon32088142 is 47 I believe.

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I stand corrected.

What rewards are you getting?

Well, at 48, the only team ice skins I don’t have are the lancer, retro, gnasher, snub, and GL

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You’re also missing HB.

I think 49 and 50 will give 3 skins each.

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Yea HB as well, you are probably right