More swarm character options please

I would really like to see the savage variants from gears 3 that would b awesome


Honestly anything really.

I know a lot of ppl use the Locust because they’re a staple and they’re the fan favorite over the swarm, but the lack of swarm and overall appearance for me is why I never play as them (except for the imago white/blood red).

Only used them at the launch of this game and Gears 4, they’re just too bland


The UIR elite swarm look really badass though.


I take it as they scavenged pieces they found and put them on

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Isn’t that what it basically symbolizes? (Based on their appearance)


probably, just not a fan of that look and the overall look of the swarm.

could be I’m just an old head and prefer the Locust :relieved:

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Same here although I will admit the savage versions of the swarm look cool and unique but there’s like only two of those skins unfortunately.


true, I’m worried that we’re in the second game in with TC and have already been introduced to the Swarm yet there’s very little variety in them compared to the Locust.

Hope they can come up with more but don’t know if it’ll go well for Gears 6 if it’s the last game in the trilogy

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I’m pretty sure they’re coming next Operation. Savage Drone & Savage Grenadier will probably be their own Characters & the Savage Theron will most likely just be a Theron skin, same for Savage Kantus.

The reason I’m thinking this is cuz, I mean, they don’t really have a ton of Locust/Swarm Characters left to release. Just skins.

Only possible Characters left I can think of (besides the Savages) are Ukkon, Niles, the Rager & maybe Vrol from the comics.
There’s also the Savage Hunter & Savage Marauder, but idk if they would be their own Characters or just skins for the Savage Drone and Grenadier.


I mean to be fair the locust were not all that unique lol. Half of them are drones with different helmets on. Same with Grenadier. And Theron’s are just elite drones.

but yes the swarm are still lacking. like heavily.



what did you just say?

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theres still a couple other skins that arent in the game yet like Locust Spotter, Locust Hunter, Hunter elite, and the Miner. and the ones you mentioned.

and Ik theres a small following but a classic beast rider from gow 2. and the og theron elite as well.


You know what i said :triumph:

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If you’re going by that logic in terms of drones then the same also applies to the swarm even though the two doesn’t really compare since there are tons of locust variants at this point since the swarm is still lacking after two games while the locust greatly expanded on the second Gears game and continued onwards. We barely got any new swarm in this game which is disappointing.


all they did was update the existing swarms looks we had in gears 4.

They should just change up the swarm characters by slapping helmets and different gear on them. it works for the locust.


I welcome more Swarm enemies, bosses and skins. I always choose Swarm.


It would b cool if we got a predator bundle

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Except the locust have a lot more than drones. You have grenadiers, boomers, wretches, tickers, reavers, kryll, brumaks, corpsers, therons (no they’re not the same as drones since their faces and voices are different when the helmets are off), Kantuses, ragers, berserkers, serapedes, nemacysts, seeders and the Tempest.

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Im talking about the base troops, not the creatures bud.

and yes, the locust again have more creatures in that category too.

I was jus gonna say that same thing… It wouldn’t b fun being a boomer in vs