More servers to LATAM and everyone

Just one server in LATAM in Brazil is no’t fair for all the amount of people who play gears and are no’t from brazil, i know too that are other places that need dedicated servers as well, but c’mon, gears is the greates multiplayer game on xbox, how is possible that we have the same ammount of servers in gears 4. If you guys want a real competitive game you should add more servers.

Learn from CS:GO for example:

EU West: Luxemburg
EU East: Vienna
EU North: Stockholm
Spain: Madrid

Africa 1: Cape Town
Africa 2: Johannesburg

Asia 1: Singapore
Asia 2: Singapore

Poland: Warszawa
Dubai: Beetna
India: Mumbai
HK: Hong Kong
Japan: Tokyo
Australia: Sydney

US West: Seattle
US East: Sterling
US South-West: California
US South-East: Atlanta

Chile: Santiago
Brazil: Sao Paulo

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Wrong place for this really.

It’s Microsoft that decides where the servers are and how the regions are made up.

TC has to use what’s available.


What @III_EnVii_III said


sad, thanks for answer


I can see he showed no love for my hometown of Manchester, UK nor my paternal home of Prestbury, Cheshire.

Therefore, if a server is not going in my back garden, I cannot accept the proposal.



On a serious note,

Here is Microsoft’s current map with all server locations and regions.

Now, not all of them are used for Xbox Live but gives you an idea of the network.


I thought you already had a server in your basement with your 5ms ping :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Sure, but another one in the Garden won’t hurt :grimacing:

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