More servers location in europe other than Uk/Ireland

one of the main reasons I stopped playing gears 4, Ultimate, halo masterchief collection is the europe server location/ping. I tried 3 isp and for some reason I can’t get less than 90ms ping to the europe server that is located in Ireland according to some research Ive done by logging connected Ip from my router.

Funny thing is I get 120ms ping to usa servers across the ocea n so despite me chosing europe server these ms games I listed decide its ok Of I play on usa servers too…

90ms ping is bad, 120ms ping way worse, it’s unplayable. we need more servers in southers europe like in italy or france…

Where are you based?

There are two Servers in Europe,

Ireland and Netherlands.


Could be a routing issue either with your ISP or if you are using VPN.

Im in Tunisia, top north of africa. I get 55 ms ping to battlefield servers in germany and 60-65 ping to fifa 19 servers in netherlands. the problem that most game publishers wont get is there is alot players from north africa and eastern europe/russia and even greece/turkey/… that are far netherlands and ireland. damn these two countries are next to each other if you open the world map.

I have friends in portugal/spain/southern france/italy that get the same ping as me in the two mentioned games even though I have to get routed through a fibre cutting through the midditerean sea. Also as I early mentioned, microsoft games ignore what region I chose. Im always placed on ireland servers in gears game or even worse usa servers…

Edit: maybe the real issue is game/mode population. but Id rather wait a few mins instead of getting into a laggy match. not to mention that the more players with bad ping to the servers the more lag compensation issues matches will have. like getting killed behinc cover and around corners.

@III_EnVii_III is right. There are 2 EU servers. In Netherland and Ireland. I wish there would be servers in Germany(Frankfurt) but I think these Azure Microsoft servers do not exist in Germany. I would get a ping between 10-20 on german servers.

We can just hope for the future that microsoft will get some servers somewhere else other than Ireland and Netherlands.


We’d all like a Server in our back garden.

Location is the key for being able to have a low ping coupled with a good connection.

It can be a myriad of issues that could affect your ping, speed, and connection.
From ISP you use to connect, quality of physical network in your country - cables in telecommunication canals, to your equipment.

Lots of servers in Germany;

They need to put a server in Manchester… pretty please​:joy::joy:

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I approve of this message 1,001%



Bradford to Manchester isn’t far. But I approve of it, :grinning:


30 or so miles, pretty much nothing :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

So, on the count of 3 votes via the forums I expect this to be happening Microsoft as I know you are reading this!

The people have spoken :raised_hands:


Bit of an unfair distribution isn’t it? They could try help other regions out with for example a server in Budapest and one in Vilnius. That should at least improve it for Eastern Europe, Central Europe and at least part of the Balkans.

@WORAF: Ireland and the Netherlands aren’t really next to each other :sweat_smile: but I agree with you that the balance is unfair.

We can deal with fairness after one lands in Manchester :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

After that, can be wherever :sweat_smile:


Ye but do they use them in Gears4/5?

Not yet but they are there :grimacing:

I live in ireland and its really bad here

There’s a server in NI so it shouldn’t be.