More server issues (Horde)

I have tried to play 4 private and 1 public Horde and it disconnects both my friend and I every time as we’re loading in.

As if your botched TU2 with its introduction of worse hit detection wasn’t bad enough. I can’t even play Horde now?

Edit: 10th times a charm. Finally worked. :man_facepalming:

Thought you left gears 5 altogether.

Just doing Horde for the ToD.

I got disconnected, wave 15 on foundation.

Curious if anyone else experiences the game crashing during a long horde match. I’ll be playing fine, and then I get the loading blue omen screen. I have to quit the game and restart. I don’t drop out of party chat while this happens. Trying to decide if my external drive has problems, or if it’s just the game.

Locking as per requested