More Re Ups are coming

For all people watching dev streams, did Dana seriously say that there are more Re Ups coming, as well as saying that they won’t be changing the current XP requirement for current re Ups?

Not that im aware of, he said they’re still working on the reup/reward system ( as xp required is to much and rewards are poop ) but dont expect anything soon… Or at all😒


He defo did just rewatched that bit. More Re Ups with better rewards but wont be changing the existing Re Up rewards lol, maybe he mentions something about xp later but didn’t say anything in that part.

when did he say this?
Even when octus was here it was mentioned that they were looking to adjust the reups.

@TC_Sera do u know or have any info on this subject?

In today’s stream. Now I don’t have the exact minute but I am pretty certain it was on the first half of said stream, Dana basically said that there were no plans to reduce the EXP for the current re Ups, as well as having plans for adding more.

EDIT: Found it, on the YT video of today’s stream go to minute 37:45 and there it is.

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Thx, i missed most of the stream today.

Well more stuff for me to do.

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So, they promised to change the exp curve but before that they want to add more re-ups? That’s insane.

Now if they do the exp change, I’m re-up 20 and I will be re - up 35-40, and they add more exp to every mode… Maybe will be a good thing.

I hope for the sake of the few re-up 50 that every extra exp they had would be retroactive. Imagine someone re-up 50 going from that to re-up 100 only starting the game with the new update. (I think that they will add re-ups until 100, because getting to re-up 75 or 80 doesn’t look good for OCD)


I might put a few games on back burner to do this, depending whenever released.

it’s a mountain to climb.lets hope extra XP weekends/week’s comeback ,This might help Just a little bit to get Re-Up(s)going again

If they do this, if exp is retroactive and you have some way to know how many exp you have and what level you will be and if you will be at max level, it will be a good thing to watch on a video. Start the game, re-up 50, some screen saying about the new changes and bla bla bla, after that your levels and re-ups skyrocket until whatever max re-up will be, some achievements unlocked until that last achievement for reaching max re-up (and some ugly skin weapons).

It will be a real shame if they add re-up 100, and achievements related to that, but how TC handles and creates new achievements, sadly it can be a possibility.

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I would have preferred this, being retroactive or to simply instantly skyrocket to higher Re-up or something. Or for XP requirements to be lowered, so I still move upwards. But unfortunately, that doesn’t seem the case. So it’ll likely I will have to grind over again. Rather than being just like the Gears Allies, which moved me from Level 4 to Level 7, I think.

I think they’ll only do up to Re-up 50 Achievement.

Hopefully not like last time.

It’s simple. Find an exploit and use it over and over again. Be worlds first to re-up 40 and then whatever other re-up they out in.

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Except this time you dont have a barrier glitch lol goodluck

hahahaha like the wolf person.

And then expose it in this forum asap (when maxed out) so nobody can get re-up :100:.