MORE RANKS FOR RANKED ! At least 1 more

Ok is been only 1 week and I have made it to Master in all modes and I don’t even play that much! I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who have make it already.

With that been said, we need something with real value to grind. I don’t mind about the system (which is a grinder really easy one) but right now I don’t have anything else to achieve in ranked which takes me to play other games.

We need something similar to what Apex Legends have, the Predator Rank, which is only for the top 500 players.

We need a rank which you need to keep playing to keep it and if not, you loose it. In this way players can keep grinding and playing the game with a set goal.


Like what? You want TC to deposit 0,01 penny into your paypal for each match?


Fun fact, this game used to have a system similar to top 500 players before they added this awful ranked system.

For some reason, they decided to remove it. I guess they wanted everyone to be a master.


I am not talking about money, with value I refer to something that really means something. Because that Master Rank right now doesn’t mean anything.

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The sun is pretty cool

Every Diamond/Onyx/Gold/Silver/Bronze player after reading that.


Yeah, those leaderboards where cool and I don’t know why they got them out. But Gears 3 and Ultimate scoreboards where way better. Also it was fun when you used to see the 1st place in the same lobby.

I think they should add more modes, the current modes are repetitive, and why is FFA a ranked mode over guardian?


Ranked shouldn’t even be in this game. They should just have everyone play any mode with their friends and have fun. This isn’t a competitive game.
Just have it like it was in gears 1, 2 and 3

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gears 3 had ranked, and most people enjoy ranked. I like ranked alot. I like playing with a stacked team and going for ranks, i havent done that since 4 but regardless ranked shouldnt go anywhere. Quickplay exists so you can have fun, but everybody runs into stacked teams warming up or people who are just better than you and thats just the truth of it. But personally id play more ranked if i had more friends invested in 5 and if they actually brought guardian back to ranked as well as some other modes.

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They need to remove ranked and just keep everything social. Rank doesn’t mean anything in this game. Instead Just keep the re-up system and add some cool symbols and give out better rewards and skins the higher you re-up.

Yes it had ranked…but nothing to play for but wins and loses…no bronze to masters which are all irrelevant now

Gears 2 technically had a ranked. There was Bronze/Silver/Gold/ and the other 2 which I don’t remember the name and they were skilled/winning base ranking system.

They used to look like this:

What we really are in need of, is of some kind of scoreboards, that all those games had before.


A rank that works like a scoreboard which only the top 100 players with more CP of each list will have. That way people are going to keep grinding for it, and keep playing.

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Yes I can agree on having a scoreboard.
I do remember those gears 2 ranking but was taken out early. After that only thing I always played for was w/l and k/d as I did in 3

I just don’t think ranks go well with this game but having leaderboards does.

Yeah, sad day when they took them out. I think that the reason why people used to play for W/L and K/D Ratios was because anyone could look at it. I remember finishing games in Gears 3 and going straight to look how good where those players I was playing with.

It is truth that those stats doesn’t tell the real story of how good of a player can someone be, but the same happens with this ranking system we have now.

At the end of the day we only want to have some kind of measurement between players to know how good was the player I was playing with or against but at the same time, we want to see who the best and how is doing at it, and in that way we can aim for something.

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fair enough, but at least the weapon skins are cool to earn.

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weird flex but alright
I could be wrong but don’t you find more consistent masters as you get more points? Adding another rank really doesn’t add to the difficulty with the current ranking system lol

next title has to be called Allfather

I used to like Ranked… but Guardian and Gridiron are my 2 favorite modes on 5.

And that’s that.