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(more) Proof that the shotgun is broken

The recording is in 30fps, but on the first visible frame, you can see all the pellets landing directly in front of him, instead of hitting him. No lag whatsoever.

This, combined with the abysmal matchmaking ruin this game. I love Gears of War. But I am even going so far as to say Judgment is better than this game, or worst in the franchise for multiplayer.


Bold statement


Strange how the pellets end up inf front of him considering the position the gnahser was in when you fired:



My friend @o_F_3_R_R_3_T_o at this point ANYTHING its better than Gears 5 .


Come on judgement? :scream:

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ok man @xxxGAUNTLETxxx its almost as worst as the other… LOL :smile:

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Responded to this on Reddit so I’ll make sure a similar response is here on this.

I forwarded this to our Gameplay team and they already have a theory on what occurred in your video (the current investigation is linked to animations and gun positions in a very small number of frames).

The team are already floating some ideas to eliminate this scenario. We believe this scenario in particular is rare and not the primary reason we get the feedback of the Gnasher feeling ‘off’ post TU3.

We’re still actively investigating the Gnasher based on post-TU3 feedback, on top of work to rectify this rarer scenario and the M+K related magnetism bug we discovered at the end of last year.


I think we can all agree tht there is serious sponging in this game. More so in FFA imo. I think its because of the 14 player and the game is having trouble handling it. Which isnt a good thing considering its 2020.
It has gotten worse since the last big update and i really hope they are aware of this issue

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Hold up.
So you actually think JUDGEMENT is BETTER THAN GEARS 5???


I know you gotta PR and all, but ain’t nothing “rare” about his video.

Pls just fix it.


great job on the stream yesterday by the way, you mentioned a lot of important points

The gnasher has very strange settings, as I’m encountering some silly back shots in some situations, when enemy runs into my screen and dies when he touched the handle of my gnasher while i was firing. Is the gnasher’s trace function starts far too early? Just like it start on the weapon trigger not a barrel. I know it can’t start from the end of barrel, cause we could shot through walls, but this is far too early. It somehow like gow 1 back shots (not so strong but still). Also the whole pawn position replication issues, especially while all melee attacks, juvies, sires, rejects, wardens, cover kicks in bad directions, this are so annoying in versus, escape and horde.

It is tbh. The campaign was better, the extra modes were better, the weapon balancing worked and People Can Fly didn’t dupe us with BS. They were very open that they were trying something different. Oh the ranking system worked from day one. We are nearly 4 months into 5 and something as simple as a ranking system is still broken with not even some light at the end of the tunnel. There were elements of judgement that just didn’t belong in any gears game, don’t get me wrong…but the list of bad decisions in 5 is far longer than the list in judgement and 5 is a direct entry into the series. Nothing was “broken” in judgement.

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Do you, or somebody else mind elaborating there a bit? Didn’t watch the stream, but somewhat curious as to what subjects they’ve touched upon.

he would just frequently bring up various points to be discussed that I thought were important, sorry I don’t have time for a long post but they did talk about the shotgun inaccuracies, they did notice sometimes some inaccuracies with the shotgun but if I remember correctly they said they haven’t discovered a direct cause yet and think it could be related to the network code, they are still looking into it

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So why exactly aren’t our bullets registering do u know what’s happening?

People Can Fly only did the campaign. Epic did the multiplayer in Judgement.

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Judgement was so good they had to spoil us with two types of shooting mechanics.

I get proof every time I’m playing

I really need to figure out how to load clips. I have a doozy