More Old Baird Skins

There are a lot of young baird skins and two old bairds i hoped that hivebuster skin will be old baird because all other characters like marcus jd paduk and more have age from gears 5 story and somehow hivebuster baird is young and from gears of war ultimate edition

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I agree baird should of been old in the hivebuster skin but its done now.

Young Baird sells better.


He could have been one of those Silver Foxes.


I usually play as old Baird if I use one of his skins.

Give me some young Cole.
Old Baird just looks like Adam Fenix.


Considering he doesn’t appear much in the campaign, a lot of people would see young Baird as nostalgia and is more likely to pick him up in the store, same with Cole except is just a head swap of an existing skin (plus Thrashball). Marcus is seen a lot during 4 and 5 so people would’ve gotten used to him or even prefer how he’s aged over the years

Old Marcus is the best looking older guy between Cole and Baird imo, Im still waiting for old man marcus tbh. I use hivebuster marcus quite often too.

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Old Marcus looks great.
His increase in facial hair works.
Old Baird, old Cole and old Sam? Nah. Give us young.

Where’s casual shirt Hoffman?

Marcus with a beard is my favorite look for him, as for old cole, baird, and sam? I like old baird tbh. people compare him to Adam Fenix but why is that an issue?

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I’d rather have Adam and more young Baird.

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Baird has enough skins.

Lizzie has like 2 :roll_eyes: hivebuster, motor pool and thats it. Forget baird

Murder pool

Bird skin when? I see lots of people who host horde lobbies asking for Birds.

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I wont be happy until I get V-Day Baird :triumph: