More offline options could have help pass the time until online fixed

With games tying alot of effort into making so many of a games mode online,it leaves little to do when onlines down or server not working.But by offering more modes that have both online and offline options,they would allow players something todo while waiting for things to get fixed.Hivebuster would have been great for both a online and offline mode,it really offers many great things to do in the putting togather of all the basic efforts to build a game level area for playing with while waiting for fixes to get done,plus your efforts could allow you to build better hivebuster maps for online use and sharing.I know TC in it for the money,which i woundn’t mind if the game gave me both online and extra offline thing to do during down times.

It would have been nice to be able to personally host games as an option too.

Also good for people without servers close to them or with populations to matchmake.

Rather play 4v4 than wait forever for 5v5 for example :sweat_smile:

It did say hivebuster could have 3 player local play,doesn’t that mean 3 people in the same room togather?This sound like it could have have a offline option as well.


But for some reason it needs server connection.

Then whats the point of local 2-3 person play if you need online to use it.