More of Buster's Dumb Wallpapers

I made something similar recently, check here: Buster McTunder's Wallpapers (For You!) if you’re interested, but instead of updating that post to no avail I figured I’d just remake it with some new, kinda OK things I made. Here we go…

Here is my new collection of 7 Wallpapers! You should? Be able to download them from right here but if not I can email them to you. And an inside look–two of these are kinda not serious. If you couldn’t tell.

Outtie! :kissing_heart:


I SEE NO QUE…I mean, eh, well done :+1:

Kait and the Kraken is good, as well as the Gears Tactics ones.

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Just a bit. Just for you @GB6_Kazuya


Psst… there’s some of these I have originals for. Or ones not shown here. If some don’t know where to find these.

Also a curious thing about that Fahz art… if enemies are allowed to hold any weapon in art why can’t such a thing be implemented in games? It’d certainly make for an interesting twist…

Well yes I just tinker with it. And it would be interesting, but I believe it’s so you can recognize an enemy and know how to fight them, the more sparatic adaptability of enemies comes from multiplayer.

Haha now we’re talking! :+1:

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Damn Gears Tactics looks great…
The Raam one is sick tho, kinda wish there was a phone wallpaper ver.

Thank you. As far as the Raam one, I’ve tried it with my phone. The text is vertical and it fit on my screen but I know every phone is different.

And here’s just one more for Tactics that I actually am using atm myself.

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