More Noble Team

Well after playing a bit with Emile, who is absolutely amazing, and Kat, who seems to have zero reason to exist considering she is just a worse version of Del, I’ve come to think we need the rest of noble team in the game.

Maybe give us a Jorge with a unique Ultimate that makes all enemies shoot at him for a bit and causes damage to heal him so he’s like a tank. He could easily get some cards buffing his movement speed with heavy weapons and ways to reload them.

Maybe give us a Carter with some kind of inspiration ultimate, like all allies deal increased damage near him and gain damage resistance.

Maybe give us a Jun with some kind of headshot bonus damage ultimate. Make his headshot damage go through the roof, or let it be like Jack’s pulse ability.

And Noble Six could be in there too. Give them an ultimate like an upgraded version of Kat/Jack’s cloak. I’m not really sure what else would be a good fit for six.