More maps, PLEASE

I don’t think I need to get into the fact that we only have seven maps, plus the trickled versions of the most played Gears 4 maps. We know that was dumb. In fact, it may have been the dumbest thing TC did besides the melee and the flashbang. But can we at least get some info on when more NEW maps are coming? Or even if not new, just maps that weren’t in Gears 4? I’d love some GoW2 or GoW3 maps. When are they coming? How many at a time? in gears 4 they did two maps a month AND they launched with 10 or 11.

I mean seriously i think District and Training Grounds and Foundation are great maps but I can only play them so many times.


for the love of GOD am I tired of ASYLUM


2 weeks.

He’s right , you know?
I’m one of the very few that actually enjoys 5 weekly , the Major issue IMO Is the awful lack of MAPS!
There are too few , adding 4’s classics simply ain’t enough , too low effort , not enough quality , you’re always playing the same maps over and over!
I expected something like 2 Maps per month , not 2 every 6 months!

TC needs to give themselves a shake about this.
Especially about this.


Do you remember what happened with two maps per month in the last TC made Gears?

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This is truth, and it was awful. Of the 24 maps released for gears 4 post launch I think only six were completely original? I could be wrong but it wasn’t many. Definitely under ten. All the others were either from previous games or from THAT game, which was, at the time, a new low.

Someone said above “two weeks.” I figure the new maps will align with operation two. Which is fine. But how many maps? One? Two? Will they be new or will it be like…Fallout or Impact? Honestly if they’re going to do that then just let us make our own MP maps and upload them like Halo Reach did. We already have reach in this game anyway, why not more?!

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Yes! So sick of playing asylum, icebound, and training grounds over and over and over and over and over… Repeat for almost the entire time it’s been released.

I just saw on twitter, we are getting

Snowy Asylum and Icebound Dark in the next operation!

lol I expect your right, the Gears 4 season pass was truly the worst one I’ve ever brought I was very mad at myself for buying the ultimate eddition on launch I wish I had done my research and then I would of known some mobile game specialist was taking over this once great game series.

I can’t wait return of lift and fallout

no it’s joke I hope old maps never come back in gears 4

Well, I actually like the GoW4 maps they have in the game, so Forge and Harbor will be added at some point, and after that there will new “NEW” new maps (like Crater: accidentally leaked in a Whatsup, but we don’t know anything about it except the name, so no need to delete this post, haha)

Ya new maps will be cool, but Id also like to see some returns, namely Fuel Depot, Slab and Canals… just please if theres a gears god NEVER Blood Drive ever again

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Blood Drive

Like seriously one of the worst maps in the series next to Drydock, do people only like it for the glitchy mess that it is?
It’s so bad it makes Guardian an even more insufferable campfest mode than it already is.


HAHAHHA yo u cant be serious, no new maps just a ■■■■■■■ reskin with environmental factors

Keyword is NEW please no more recyled maps give us some brand NEW large maps

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Yo if Crater is anything like the Swarmak arena in Act 1, that’d be kinda dope.

Considering Guardian is what I play more than anything… my point exactly lol

I mean I guess I can’t speak much either since I play TDM almost exclusively, but still ugh…screw Blood Drive…

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“dont worry you wont have to pay for maps”
LOL cause there isnt any to be released.

I’m so friggen done with g4 maps. I’d rather play g5 maps over and over again. I do not want to play on g4 maps.

Bring new ones and scrap the old ones or change up the old ones. They included the old ones in this game fornwhat Reason? Like they didn’t have time to create new ones? You had how many years to ship this game out with more than 7 maps…

There is zero excuse for this.