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Buster is at it again!
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Inspired by… some certain posts made by myself and @Nineteenth_Hour. Derailed is a stopped train junction, two of them turned into bridges up to a lifted region, countered by Grenade spawns on either side of the map with a central train where the Boomshot/heavy power weapon spawns, choked by only two entrances to the top and a weaved train beneath.

Yellow is stairs/the crashed trains used as a lift up to the top. Blue is the raised sections, two platforms in the buildings either side with a raised camp atop the main train car, with a Boomshot spawn and two bridges that go onto the trains. Black bars represent doorways, at least the ones I could think of.


A map inspired by Alfather’s arena, since we can do several layouts. Torment is a massive Locust Arena where Drones would prove their worth to the Uzil to be claimed as a Theron guard. And where the best Theron Guards were promoted to Palace-Duty. A massive circular arena with two posts that overlook the main centerpoint and the ground below. In the center is a raised platform with cover in the middle, four staircases either side to push from.

Yellow is the stairs. Blue is raised areas. Purple is calf-cover, to fill in the more open areas.

Did you just call me your muse?

Anyway, these are excellent. I wonder if there are any fan maps in UE up on YT…

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To be fair @TC_Clown is the original derailer

Anyways I like the concepts


I just now understood why Buster said “Derailed” was inspired by my posts


It’s okay. Just gotta remember.

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