More Jinn-Bot skins being operated by other characters

Just imagine it. Old man Marcus operating a Jinn-Bot, saying things like:

“Why the ■■■■ is this stupid thing crawling? JAMES! The ■■■■■■■ robot is crawling!”

JD’s voice, quietly as if it’s far from the mic: “The bot’s damaged, dad, it just needs someone on-sight to help it up.”

“How do I get someone to help it?!”

“Just ask for help, it’s broadcasting what you say. It’s like being on the field.”

“How do I make it ask for help?! Is it this button?”

“It’s on by default, dad, you don’t have to do anything.”

Marcus’s portrait on the face screen starts displaying a pink bunny ears filter



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I was gonna say Baird-Bot but I like your idea better.

Damn, you really making Marcus sound like a grumpy old man.