More innovative characters

I’ve already noticed characters in five seem a lot less stiff which is a huge step in the right direction for skins. I’m hoping their armor looks more loose with there ammo packs dangling when they sprint. A good example will always be how you used to be able to shoot Dizzys hat off. Character designs are amazing now I just hope they remember the physics of the old games when they’re shoulder pads would move and flap about. It’s the little details that bring your favorite character to life.

Pls don’t take this as complaining. I’m really just pointing out the fact that the technology is better than it used to be so let it shine in every way you can.

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Realism and fine details on things like this can really add to a character and their skin.

Definitely a good thing :+1:

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Indeed, RAAM/Theron Guard robes barely moved in Gears 4 compared to previous titles. The same can be said for the “tails” on the Queen’s armour.

I agree with the ammo packs, it really shouldn’t be difficult in 2019.