More Horde Less Versus Please!

I love the horde mode game play options and would love to see more horde modes, challenges and rewards content ‘Geared’ for players who prefer horde modes over versus modes. The current multiplayer options just feels unbalanced to my friends and I when it comes to horde mode. For instance 1 It seems like my friends and I have been unlocking more swarm characters than cog characters late. I would love to see a horde mode from the swarms perspective where popular cog characters, ai soldier and androids come at you while you play as swarm characters and you have to protect the queen or a nest of some kind. That way players who have spent their hard earned Money, and have been grinding for Gold & the ridiculously stingy Iron supplies on DLC can play as any of the swarm/evil faction characters that they have unlocked in the game other than in just the verses modes. For instance 2 if you want to use a dlc character from the terminator and other various bundles you could use them in horde mode the same way that you can in versus mode. Just a seriously strong suggestion for Coalition Studios & Xbox Game Studios to keep in mind from long time G.O.W. Fans & people who are not as invested in versus modes and versus challenges! LOL, For The Swarm!


Then don’t spend coins on them?

Heroic kantus and hybrid locust weren’t tied to coins. I personally like unlocking swarm through pve as I’m a big versus player and enjoy pve as well. I do see how this would be annoying to pve-only players.

In how many operations was the final ToD award only usable in PvP ?

The answer should be zero… Let people play as swarm in PvE, or make the final reward a character usable everywhere.

Otherwise it’s like giving someone Escape skill cards after a 3h Horde run.


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A post was merged into an existing topic: David’s Dumpster fire

Yes some more variations of HORDE and ADD BEAST MODE, or a PVP style maybe might be different.