More horde challenges needed

(BindiRoy1974) #1

So far what I’ve seen is to much verses challenges then horde. Score accumulations was good it should of been on horde also at 5 million with big prizes. Just a thought. What you all think?

(Bleeding Pepper) #2

Agreed, there need to be some Horde related challenges.

I gather from the Developer’s Streams, and this is partly reading between the lines, but TC hate speedrunners and the reason they haven’t had any Horde challenges lately is due to speedrunners and that TC feel that speedrunners will complete the challenges super quickly.

But then I’ve heard other players put forward all kinds of suggestions to get around this. Don’t just make the goal kill or wave related - do class specific challenges, or specivic kinds of kills (e.g.: headshots). I mean, they already have bounties for things like explosive or headshot kills, so I’d have thought it be fairly easy to adapt this into a challenge which can’t be easily exploited by speedrunners.

(BindiRoy1974) #3

10,000 waves of highest difficulty. Insane or better

(Aziz XXCOOLXX) #4

why people bother so much with speedruns, Yeah they complete games faster blah blah blah, So what, Let them do what they want! And you do you

(BindiRoy1974) #5

I take the game slow takes 3 hours or more hours to finish a 50 wave game. Single solo I’ll go casual, 2 players normal 3 or more total insane mode on private lobby. Sometimes I’ll do a public monster mash 25 on insane I tend to mix it up so I don’t lose how each difficulty plays.

(Bleeding Pepper) #6

Initially it was purely the quickest way to get credits to buy gear packs with.

The gear packs and RNG made it difficult and frustrating for players to get the customisation cards they wanted. The uneven in game economy drove players to do it.

Since then, it’s shifted to players wanting to achieve Wings 10 (credits is less of an issue now as most speedrunners will have piles of credits, acquired all the available skins, and new packs are less frequent).

I totally agree. It’s an exploit, but wouldn’t describe it as cheating. It harms no one except it reduces the likelihood of players using real money to buy gear packs and custom skins, but hell if I’m gonna pay all this extra money to prop up a rubbish and unethical system. I get the sense it’s TC getting butthurt.

(BindiRoy1974) #7

How I play is. Let it flow naturally it will come in due time. I’m only a wings 3 it took me from the time this game came out to reach it at this time. I’m challenging myself to reach 1,000,000 horde kills.

(Potato Boy 025) #8

More horde challenges needed

Can agree to disagree…I understand the horde community after more than 24hrs into each class and I completely understand the demand for more difficult challenges. BUT you guys are the same people complaining about PvP players ruining your horde sessions with stupid actions and just not understanding the protocol in general. The challenges USUALLY are made the way they are so BOTH sides of the community can complete them.

The only time when a challenge is exceptionally hard is when they release a new season and say “You can get this ugly ■■■ character if you reach diamond in this many playlist” And yes, I do believe that’s kind of unfair to people who play horde, but then again, that’s still pretty tough for your average PvP player.

I stand by my first statement saying Agree to disagree but at the same time there should be something similar to the diamond character challenges for horde like 9000 kills with each class on insane or higher or something,

(mendigo2005) #9

That’s exploitable and has no importance. At all.

(Omen LP) #10

The reason TC hate speed runs is money related. By generating ingame credits much faster players have less need to spend real money on those rng packs… So they pay lip service to the idea that you don’t “need” to use $ for anything but they work hard to make it as painful, slow, and awkward as possible to use the “free” ingame credits…to push people to pay $.

Speedrunners are a (small) threat to their rng business model.

(Belkain) #11

New events / challenges would be great but please nothing that requires X number of kills with no specific requirements.

I used to love horde but sentries have ruined it for me, any chance for a mode without sentries?

(UltraMagnetic96) #12

Now this I would love to happen.

(mendigo2005) #13

Boss Rush.

Have you seen any sentry deal any real damage there?

(Belkain) #14

That was a great mode to play, different and “unusual” builds worked great.

I’m hoping for some changes in Gears 5, the MG sentries are too noisy and lv4 shocks kill anything at the other end of the map. Maybe on higher difficulties it will be more expensive to build?

(mendigo2005) #15

If they were like in Gears 3, it would be ideal for me.

Rush was a nice challenge. Too bad it lasted shortly. And Mania.

(J4CKA1) #16

Whatever the name was for the one that had 0 wait time in between waves was my favorite. no stupid tick marks and no 30 second break between every wave. just straight killing and rolling through. That’s how all horde should be.

(mendigo2005) #17

It was Mania.

Now I’ve heard Monster Mash has no time between waves on private.

(Andy UFC fan) #18

This is all I want at this point, hate versus so I hate the challenges they do. At least horde works perfectly for me and my team here in Australia.