More Grenade Glitches

Since the last update found a new grenade glitch well at least for me. 1st is an old one planted grenades are not going off on versus or horde. Tonight the best one I’ve seen in the middle of the floor on Slab the swarm were standing right over it. Another one on horde 2 grenades planted in the hallway and sentinels for 3 waves flying by them would never set them off. The newest one I’ve only experienced in horde. When you go to pick up grenades on the field and you don’t get any! Anyone experiencing these issues or any other new ones?

That didn’t happen to me
But there’s a glitch that makes grenades “unpickable” and they stay to the end of the match
Always happen to me on Rustlung in Jingle Juvies

Not sure if Guardians / Sentinels set grenades off by themselves, there´s usually a foot unit involved. Or maybe you’re right and I’ve never noticed before.

The “unpickable” grenades is a regular thing in Horde, been happening for a few months and it happens the most between waves, never seen it happen in versus.

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Guess I got lucky about the Grenades being zero for a while lol! As for as Guardians and Sentinels setting off grenades they definitely do because I play soldier 90% of the time. Soldier is my favorite class but TC has killed the class when looking for kills when playing late insane or inconceivable. The grenade radius, timing, not being able to plant grenads(not TC’s fault on that one) is a complete mess. With all those issues and the rifle being weak as it is and you need an extra card just to get 120% damage is killing the class.

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Over plant to detonate all previous plants then re plant. Problem solved

Problem not solved but band-aided. You’re right that does get rid of the grenades but you should only have to plant them once.

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