More executions for less popular weapons pls

Am i the only one that finds it sad that weapons like the Overkill and Hammerburst only have 2 or 3 executions when they could easily have some of the ones that arent weapon specific to use?

Im sure you could put your Hammerburst away for a sec to rip off a grunts head and boot it across the field like the gnasher allows you too.

I bet you can powerbomb or piledrive someone after putting away your overkill…

Or Heck, id love to mudstomp kick a grunt in the chest 20 times after i got a down with something like the enforcer. Is that so much to ask?

TL;DR - Make non weapon specific executions available to all weapons so i can stop being sad about how my hammerburst has really boring executions…i love my hammy and it deserves better.

P.S - Stop giving the Boltok so many great executions! I love so many of them i cant choose which to use!


they could do it where you could set the execution’s you like in a wheel an its random each match or round