More Customizations

TBH you should be able to change your gears race and gender.

beyond that I want more helmets for my COG boys. I want ben’s helment, Clay’s helmet, the helmet from Gears 2 (NCOG?) and new variations on COG gear.

I am a sucker for character creation and customization. More so, Gears has always had such great looks, from the first game to the newest, Cog, UIR, Stranded, etc. I have always wanted to be able to create my own gears characters, a want that only increased when they put more emphasis on multiplayer, and again when they made the last two characters non-essential to the story.

When they announced the feature in this game i was ecstatic but after getting in game, there was a lot of limitations, but hey, it was a start. The more customization the better.