More comic books characters?

With the addition of Jermard form the rise of Raam comic, do you guys think there is a chance to see more comic book characters in the future. I would love to have a young Bernie and Hoffman skin, a Helena stroud skin and a Carlos Santiago. Maybe add Jonathan Harper and Drew Rossi eventually.


Harper and rossi please

Right :slight_smile:

I was just in a heated 1 on 1 fight with Jermad in FFA, it was sick…he looks pretty good.

Alex Brand please…

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Totally!!! I forgot her, my bad :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
She was super cool in judgement and more in the comics

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Yeah I guess some of the comic characters would be good-definitely a young Bernie and Hoffman.

I have to say though the 3 hivebusters Lahni keegan and Mac are absolute garbage.

They should focus on getting all the classic characters on 5 first like dizzy Cole tai Dom myrrah carmines etc before even looking at the comics.

Ukkon and Vrol I would kill for

Just listened to a few expressions from Jermad , his voice work is amazing. Sounds like a Decepticon almost lol…good stuff

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