More brokenness after update

Anyone else having issues with the totems not working tried to run some horde nothing has progressed on the totem I have on and no exp or cards unlocking with the totem active. Way to go again Coalition breaking the game again. How has horde gotten even harder, swear they are adding things behind the scenes to make things even harder. First off and for most as we know there are other things to fix as well, but how do you again release another patch that has broken your game. I can’t believe after all the complaints of things broken and how this started from release you didn’t test this update and release more brokenness into a game that is still broken.

Yep, its been reported in several threads and Twitter. Still no response from.TC so I’m assuming they went to bed and it’ll be fixed tomorrow. They should just take a month vacation and let the game be, because everytime they even look at the game, something breaks…