More Bleed Cards

Baird has his bleeding with barriers

Lizzy has hers with mulcher

Kait has hers with shotguns

Why doesnt anyone have it with pistols?


When I used to play, I actually didn’t mind playing as Kait because of that bleed card. Doesn’t Mac have one though? Or that’s the headshot damage or whatever in Escape?

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Active Reloads for his Boltok.

JACK needs one for sure. :sunglasses:

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No hes never had one it was removed

By the same logic, Baird never had bleed.

Baird only get bleed unintended through Bloody Support and equipping Precision Rifle.

Mac only gets bleed when perfect active reload the Boltok using Bloody Shot.

It’s just situational. You can’t just say, Mac never had bleed.

Come again?



It was removed…

Which is rather contradictory in itself but never mind


There it is

You’ve lost me on this one Red lol

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are you talking about VS???


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Godwins Law (2).

Yea sorry bout that, it’s usually me that brings up Hitler…

He could be saying there’s no permanent bleed that doesn’t have special requirements for pistols.

Like there is no Talon bleed either.

Cunningham’s Law

Got it :wink:


We will see lol

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The talon isnt considered because its not fully automatic

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Its full name is Talon auto pistol…

You trying to screw wit us??

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In the English version of the game yes, may not be the same in Italian.

Regardless it’s fully auto, works better semi auto as we all know but you can hold the trigger and empty the clip, ie fully auto, think Reds having a serious moment lol

Deep Pockets, Pistol Capacity / Magazine cards shows Boltok and Talon.