More Appropriate Monetization and More Rewarding Progression

Hello Everyone,

My biggest gripes with Gears 5 are the progression system and how hard it is to unlock characters. I believes that the tour of duty needs to go, and the game should have a general unlock system based on leveling, achievements and completing challenges. As an gamer, I am fully aware that the Coalition is likely required to monetize the game as AAA are expensive and publisher want a large return on their investments. So here are my suggestions to make monetization more fair and unlocks more rewarding.

Firstly I believe characters form the Gears of War series should not be sold. Instead characters should be added to game, gradually and all non-guest characters should be unlock-able by completing challenges (challenges unlike the totem system) and unlocking achievements. For example: Paduk could be unlocked by completing a certain chapter in the campaign, and special skins of Kait, Del , JD, and Jack could be unlocked by beating the game on specific difficulties. Additionally, I think character skins should be unlocked by completing challenges with a particular character . For example you would start the game with classic and old Cole train unlocked. However, to unlock superstar Cole, Gears 3 Cole and Judgement Cole you need to complete challenges with the character.

Now to make monetization better, I think the TC should sell guest characters from other MS IPs. E,g, You they could sell characters from Halo, Perfect Dark, Quantum Break and maybe Killer Instinct as guest characters. Lastly, Monetization should be based on special banners, weapon skins and marks, I believe people are willing to pay for guest characters , Paying for guest characters is less egregious than paying for classic characters, and characters that are already in the game ! Many players don’t enjoy the tedious grind associated with the current unlock system. And most of us don’t want to pay for characters.

However, I myself was willing to pay for gamepass ultimate to unlock the Halo guest characters despite owning a physical copy of the game. And I would be willing to pay $ 5.00 to play as Sergeant Johnson, Tartarus or Joanna Dark in Gears of War Mp. The Coalition needs to improve the progression system, character roster and monetization before they drive away the player-base and make the game unappealing to new players. The Coalition needs to add characters more frequently, despite the gimmicky in my opinion hero/villain mechanics in horde, escape and arcade.

Please share your thoughts and opinions.

I really don’t want other ip’s in Gears. I want Gears.
I also didn’t think I wanted sprays,tags,emotes and guess what, I didnt.
I agree that the unlock criteria needs to be looked at, but I doubt it will. I don’t mind the totem system and have used it twice so far. I have also spent 1000 on unlocking a further two, as I just couldn’t be mithered .

I think we have to accept that the wonderful and unmatched unlocking system in Gears 3 is but a distant memory.

One way forward for me, and I did start a thread a few years back about it, would be a subscription service.
I know a lot of players would not like, BUT £5-8 per month for an agreed and upfront schedule of what we were going to get, including characters,modes and new maps COULD be a good way forward.

I have a friend who plays ESO and he pays around £8 per month for extras including in game currency, unique gear, missions. I do realise it is an mmog of course. Don’t forget on J we had the VIP pass, which I bought, it is still active when you play, alas no one else plays save for the still brilliant Overrun and Survival.

Agreed. I personally want to keep all guest characters out of GOW, period.

100% no more guest characters. This might be acceptable for a few more guest characters if there were loads more of the gears characters in the game. As it stands there should be no more guest characters.

As for the tour of duty I think it’s fairly paced. I think 3 months is a good amount of time to unlock the rewards.

The medals that are mode specific are the things that annoy me slightly. I only want to play pvp now but if I want certain skins or taunts then I’m expected to spam horde and escape which I don’t want to do. I accept this though.

The tour of duty rewards are aweful. In tour of duty II ‘s you can unlock skins for characters you can’t use which to me seems pointless. In fact I think the tour of duty makes the game less rewarding. I couldn’t complete the first tour of duty. Therefore I can’t unlock several skins (featured in the campaign) for multiplayer.

The only thing I really object to, is this idea that we must have the default skin for the corresponding character to be able to equip all other skins. As far as I’m concerned if you have earned a reward variant skin, or purchased one then you should be able to use it straight away without having to unlock the default. It’s a poor idea on TC’s part.

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I think the unlock system , Tour of Duty and hero mechanics do nothing positive for the game. The hero mechanics may add depth to each character and appeal to casuals. However, hero mechanics restrict who you can and want to play as. It also makes characters harder to add to multiplayer. Hence, Paduk and Cole were teased months ago.

I personally think the TOD system is alright. It’s a bit grindy but overall I don’t think it’s too bad. Some of the rewards are rubbish but I guess the quality of it depends on opinion.

I’m not massively fond of the Hero system. I don’t care for duplicates - players should be able to play as who they want and if that means 5 Kait’s or 5 Del’s, then let them. I always liked the Class system from GOW4. Some elements needed to be tweaked and rebalanced but overall it was good and worked well.

I’m surprised at how long it’s taking TC to release new characters and that it’s apparently because the Hero make-up means it takes much more work to create them, balance skills etc. Maybe I’m just naive, but alot of the ideas for skill cards are already there from GOW4 - just tweak the numbers and parameters a bit, test it, and voila!

I’m certain someone on here (might have even been you) suggested releasing the characters into standard mp first and then work on their abilities for Horde, Escape, does Arcade have abilities as well?
I thought this was a great idea and would appease a lot of players.

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Tour of Duty is a steaming pile of crap, it needs to go, it is a terrible way to earn stuff. You should unlock them in game somehow, then use Credits, as in Gears of War 4 to make them. The current Scrap thing is absolutely sheet, this needs to go too.
There was nothing wrong with the Gears of War 4 way of creating stuff.
Monetisation, is Microtransactions, this needs to go too. It is all greed, and the more you keep feeding the machine, the hungrier it gets. Companies are talking about getting rid of the Microtransactions thing, because of all the complaints, but this only works if people stop using the damn service.

There are dozens of characters and skins that could be ported over from Gears 4. I’m still waiting on my old favorites, Clayton, Sam, Cole Train, Myrrah, Savage Kantus and the Grenadier to he added.

I think we need to remember the timeline on GOW4 when we look at GOW5 and the content were getting and demanding.

We didn’t get the Locust Drone and Grenadier until March 2017.

Kantus and Savage Kantus werent released until April 2017.

The original 3 Carmine’s didn’t appear until June 2017.

Myrrah didn’t appear until September 2017.

Apparently even creating these character models in itself is a time consuming task.

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The models can be ported over. Gears 4 and 5 use the same engine. However, models would need to be upgraded and possibly new dialogue would have to be recorded due flash bangs, emotes, etc. In Gears 4 the models were created from scratch.

did you see anywhere on my post mentioning the Tod rewards being good?

I just said it was fairly paced and that 3 months was more than enough time to do it.

Plenty of people have suggested that idea, as it’s a no brainer. Unfortunately TC hates simple, common sense ideas and always opts for the more complicated, non sensical ones.

I know i wont get Rossi or harper in this game, it makes me hate that fact even more knowing they made a bunch of non gears characters playable.