Monster Mash isn't working? (Private Horde)

We tried playing 2 private Monster Mash matches in Horde yesterday, but all we got was Standard 50 wave matches…

However Frenzy worked. Anybody else experiencing this problem?

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I have been having the same issue for days. When you play private, which I do 99% of the time, you only get standard when selecting monster mash. Collective needs to fix it.

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I got the same problem: private monster mash playlist doesnt properly work ! The last neglet of our beloved TC :-1::-1::-1:


did it ever work? i tried yesterday and it failed

Everything is working as intended!

It is definitely not working as I just played it on private and monster mash is full of robots. Epic fail on the part of TC!

Did you play private? I haven’t checked since last week. Will try again this weekend to see if it works…

It was just a joke haha, that’s what they say no matter if it is working or not :joy:

I played private. That is predominantly how I play. And it is not working. Has been broken for a few weeks.