Monster Mash Forcing Scout

I have been playing Monter Mash Mania Insane to obtain the last 2 Midnight Omen and have had to force the scout class. I tried my best to trust the other scouts but everytime it is someone playing shotgun cards, Brawler and hording all the power or someone who has no clue they are a scout and they all die with no time left to collect any power. I honestly have lost all faith in anyone elses ability to play the class at all during this event. I am not suggesting I am the best and only scout but at least with my build you are guaranteed a scout who is out for the power, will desposit regularly and has all the health cards needed to keep a scout in the game. I have joined more games than I have completed in this event and yes I know they are all like this but this is the one that pushed me a little further.

Forcing the scout has gotten me alot hate in game. A good few times I received messages or on screen messages but I just don’t trust the other players to do the job. Having said that I did come across one player who preformed brilliantly and I grabbed a dropshot and took on the role of heavy. That was the one and only time another scout played the class well but I still don’t trust the others lol.

Needed a good vent about this variant and selfish players. Major pet peeve of mine


i played yesterday with another sniper yesterday and he wasn’t getting a single kill for several waves and got killed eventually. Then I saw he left the game early on.

Hate console gamers being sniper class, leave that to the pc players with mouse aiming.

I hate playing public games


I know plenty of console players who can snipe


The Scout class was a mistake.

That’s why I gave up on Gears 4. That and those clueless novices jumping right into insane, inconceivable.

Jumped into Red Dead 2 and no regrets… You should try it. What a great game.

Sure, such a great ideia!

Here’s one even better: PC players should give up horde completely. They’re more likely to freeze during matches, leaving the team one guy short… I’d hate that, so keep 'em off!


I am just in it to complete the midnight omen set but holy **** the level of play is horrible and would honestly say these guys and gals would be beaten on casual first wave. Its stressfull as **** but I am finishing that set by forcing the scout because I am better than them lol

Not worth it.

I’ll surely dig up some info about next Gears, before buying it.

If Coalition gives us this “good luck with your gameplay” multiplayer experience again, I’ll pass.

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True!. I just want to finish this skin set because its annoyed me when it first came around and continues to annoy me now.

If it does continue like this I will give the online a miss and just play campaign because thats where I started with the 1st game and want to see where this story will go but online can be missed.

Lol! Why complaining just do Normal difficulty chances are no many are gonna leave the game. No matter the difficulty you still gonna get a random Midnight weapon skin drop , I don’t go do insane because is difficult to find a good 5 squad while in normal even 3 players can do the 25 waves.
Yeah! It’s true some people don’t know the scout role if I’m engineer I wait till wave 5 if the scout don’t deposit any energy I quit because is obvious the scout is just there for kills and not to be a team player, I mostly play as Sniper , heavy and Soldier for Monster Mash

The difficulty doesn’t matter. I went to normal and still the same but mostly with non re-ups, AFKs and quitters and kept coming to a poiint where I was just straight up swarmed and even shotgun damage couldn’t get me out. I am going to continue to force the scout on insane and so far its going well bar the hate mail from other scout or other people telling me there is already another scout and I am an idiot for not changing yet I outlast any other scout I have across.

The whole poin of running scouts and a sniper is a speed run . If you never done it - you don’t know. Each wave less than a minute. 25 waves in 20-30 tops

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Depending on what map you can tell If 2 snipers , 2 heavies, 2 soldiers or scouts are need it , if the map is big 2 classes sometimes are good but if the map is small like Raven Down well 2 Scouts and 2 snipers is not a good idea. As for playing insane difficulty I guess the best option is playing with 4 friends so you can’t have any issues like the other guy not knowing his role.

No friends left on this game for insane lol. I am well versed in horde and do know what I am doing. I am just saying I have to force the scout because I do not trust anyone else and have yet to meet a scout who can play better than me (well there was one and only one). I can play any class but every scout who just been out for themselves and I have started to annoy some players by sticking with the scout class and succeeding. Xbox reputation probably took a hit lol. As well this was a vent against straight up bad players and selfish ones because it was just annoying me and so I forced the scout in every game ever since.

i got mvp of the entire game as sniper 3 times in monster mash without sniper strike and i play on console it’s not hard to get headshots on the enemies in horde if you play vs a lot since most of the enemies walk and only the drones/hunters run and even then that’s only in a straight line

Although I feel like my character is tons lighter and more agile in horde than mp

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I’ve seen a couple scouts in mash that kept running out and dying and one of them was like wings 4 or 5


That’s just a cheap way to finish horde.

So let’s not confuse things, ok!


I force Scout now because I know most people may not wanna be Scout and I’ve been other classes way too many times.
I always do a better job than every Scout I’ve seen or came across and it’s fun to change up playstyle and kill close quarters, MVP’ing nearly every wave.
The tanking/health cards are reliable so I don’t need Shotgun Damage on Shotguns.

i played yesterday with a guy name TheRussianh4x0r…he was playing on PC as a sniper and was literally a human sniper strike…probably aimbotting but it was a pleasure to watch the killfeed full of headshots