Monetization is horrible

This is a fully priced game with a free to play monetization and this system is unacceptable and i don’t see how anyone can defend this

Let me say first that i hate that items can be missed if you don’t play the game in a certain time when they are available, the last AAA game that had this that i bought was COD BO4 and it was horibble and i regret buying that game, and if this system stays i will regret buying this game either which isnt a good sign when your customer regrets buying your product
Speaking of black ops 4 in gears 5 the store,battle pass feels like a complete copy.
My first reacton when i saw the “tour” tiers and the store i was thinking hell no not this again

My other grudges that why cant we acquire Iron just by simply playing matches? Why not give a chance to people who want to unlock stuff but dont’t want to waste money on a overpriced Keegan emote that you can unlock by supply drops seperately,like really? 10 bucks for an emote that is the thanks and thumbs up combined together.

This is horrible and completely demoralizing because i already know that i will never unlock the things that i want and i will play the game to unlock the tedious challenges rather than just playing the game for the gameplay

In the end i know that we will never get what we want and this system will stay just as it stayed in other games no matter how big the community backlash was, i am truly saddened that this is how things are in this game and i feel robbed and played by this company.
They just lost me as their supporters


That’s a distinction you can just toss away. Monitization is just the term now, doesn’t really matter what the point-of-entry cost is anymore.


The distinction only loses validity if we allow it to


I’d wager we already did.

All the same, I’d like to hear how you suggest we stop allowing it.

Disagree with the premise of this thread. Pleas keep feeding me Retro Wave skins, TC Kreygasm.

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I was more so just talking mentality towards it. We can still call these systems free to play models because that’s the market where the model was initially conceived. I wasn’t meaning what I said in a negative manner, just saying our way of accepting different types of MTX models really matters in the grand scheme of what’s an acceptable level of monetization.

In any case, sorry if my first response came off combative or anything.

Is anyone forced to buy cosmetics? Just…don’t buy them? There is plenty of stuff in the game either from the start or via unlocks allready.


Wait, are you playing the game for the gameplay, or playing it because it gives you a cosmetic treat every 20 minutes?

There are, broadly speaking, three kinds of post-release support:

  • Release a game, issue a few patches to fix stuff, and move on
  • Release game, continue supporting it via paid expansions or “larger” DLC packs (ie. season passes, map packs, character packs, car packs, expansion packs, etc.), and keep the “small stuff” free within those purchases.
  • Release game, continue supporting it via paid “small stuff” (ie. cosmetics, emotes, sprays, paint jobs, skins, etc.), and keep the “big stuff” (ie. maps, modes, etc.) free.

Within each category, there are differences that make each game better or worse. Gears 5 is clearly opting for the third type.

The whole “I paid $60 for this!” argument has always been nonsense, every time people like Jim Sterling make it. Your $60 buys you whatever is “on the disc” at launch, and it’s up to you to decide if there’s enough there to warrant the price. You’re paying Microsoft for the financial investment they ALREADY MADE in the game over the past 3-4 years, by making it.

Past that, and a few patches to fix problems, you are paying for everything else one way or another. Whether it’s “macrotransaction” DLCs, or “microtransaction” baubles. Because game development isn’t free - particularly in an age where studios are supporting games with new content for YEARS after launch, versus the “good old days” when you’d make Mega Man 3, it would go gold, and they’d start manufacturing the cartridges while your studio moved on to the next game.


It’s the way the system of unlocking things is set up behind using iron to refresh objectives that bothers me. The store items, I don’t have a problem with. It’s trying to encourage people to spend money just to continue grinding objectives.


Stop paying money for garbage.

Hence my last statement. Boycott. Don’t buy the games in the first place.


Buying the game is not the issue. It’s buying the microtransactions. Enough people buy them to make it seem that it’s okay to do that. Games don’t come complete anymore because companies withhold content for charge later. It’s a ■■■■■■ practice but that’s why I don’t buy the microtranaactions. I’ve paid for the game and expect the content to be there and not be exploited. I boycott the bad game model. It is not a free to play game and shouldn’t be monetized as such… Plain and simple.


You really think there isn’t enough content in the game to justify the pricetag? Ok…that is just silly.

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I’m saying that the extra monetization is the bs… For an 80$ special edition there should be no microtransactions. All content should be available or released within a year or two in reasonable intervals. This monetization and withholding content is the real issue.

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No offense but all the people above me who defends TC and this MTX, are you getting paid for this or you guys do this for free?
I mean ■■■■■■■ have some self respect and standards how could anyone in their right mind think this is ok. Im all in for supporting developers after release when its done right and when its worth it but look at the things that are in store, look at the pricetag on those things and everytime i see this ‘free dlc’ bs the end result is always low quality rehearsed content (recycled things are expected)

I dont want to pay for characters and skins that i already unlocked in oldder gears games and i dont want to jump through tedious grinding hoops just to unlock them , make it authentic and actually fun but their first goal is to make everything as much tedious as possible in order to squeeze money out of people.
This is predatory


I feel there’s more than enough content within the game, a stunning campaign, horde and escape mode and hours of pvp, not to mention new weekly guns and skins with escape mode plus loads of achievements and medals to aim for, I’ve grinded it for a whole week on my week off and I’ve already got 70percent of the medals in which I’m happy with what I’ve been able to unlock, so I haven’t minded dropping more money on some other customisations, I feel like I’ve got my money’s worth and then some, just play the game and enjoy it for what it is, and don’t worry about unlocks


Buying the game absolutely contributes. You are still giving money to scumbag publishers. You are still filling up their servers, increasing longevity of the title. And even if 90 percent of players don’t spend, you weren’t their target anyways. Don’t complain as naseum and still be part of the problem. Don’t demand change but do nothing to force it. The only thing these publisher will ever respond to is drop in the stock. So make their titles duds on release. Make their servers so empty that even those who did buy stop playing, killing their longterm financial goals. Actually do something instead of waiting for someone else to.

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Erm, I think we both know the reason. Let’s see if Fortnite, Apex Legends, CoD BO4, do that’s as well.

Oh wait, they don’t, because its a stupid business decision.

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I’m sorry, is this supposed to be an argument?

I absolutely think some of the prices are out of whack - $7 for a flag is ridiculous - and I hopeTC will listen to feedback on that stuff and adjust accordingly.

However, a flag is also something that is easily ignored, if you just want to play the game. And if goobers buying flags gets me several years of new free stuff that I used to have to pay for in a season pass or map pack, then bring it on.

It’s been funny watching gaming change over the last 10 years. We went from playing the game being it’s own reward, to the entire point apparently being to unlock new colourful tchotchkes, and if you can’t unlock those tchotchkes easily enough, then why even bother.

I played Team Fortress Classic for years as a teenager, because it was fun. No unlocks, no cosmetics, no levels, no skills cards, no nothing. Just a fun time.


Fortnite and apex legends is a free to play title, bo4 and gears 5 is not, therefore this mobile esque mtx system should not be accepted.

And i lowkey want to mention that the mtx in fortnite is much better and if you pruchase their battlepass you get back your money in form of v-bucks from the supply stream