Kien kiere jugar para diamos

Roughly translates to “Who wants to play for Diamond (Rank)”

If anyone’s interested to play with someone they can’t understand.
Not my cup of tea.

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Yo kiero jugar para diamos kien es diamos

Roughly, “I want to play for Diamond (rank) who else is Diamond (Rank)?”

I’ll be here all day people.

English only bro

It’s okay buddy. I got it. Been translating for him.

@GhostofDelta2 @Ektope Does it break the forum’s English policy if they’re being translated for?

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Yes it does. I tried doing it once and I was told not to do it.

Also, I’d rather not play for Diamond… got my Masters. I don’t try and lower the bar. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello there,

Please post in English only as per the forum rules.

Thank you.