Mods? I have been reported

I was strafing around this pillar spanking these kids in Koh and I get a message from some Assmad teen “I’m reporting you for mods.” Mods? Is that a thing? I was just playing how I always play.

dude stop hacking, or i’ll call bill gates


I dunno just counter report them for threatening to report you for a false reason and block them

Your best bet is just to ignore them.

I’d report you for “Assmad”. That hurt my eyes.


Report the message they sent you if you still have it. That’s the best way to not get banned for cheating.

Lol I too had to do a double take at that word


Sounds like you need to be reported to child welfare services.


I would report the messages using the tools provided with Xbox Live, and block if being harassed. As for saying reporting to mods, and if he’s referring to the moderators on the Forum there is nothing to worry about.

I will be closing due to the fact this conversation could go down a dangerous road.


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