[Modes & Teams] Removing KOTH a Mistake, as was going 4v4

I don’t know how TC come to these decisions,

But gaming in general has been going towards:

More Players,

Bigger, Open World, Dynamic Maps.


This isn’t about “Gears is different” - “it wouldn’t work with Gears”

Because at the end of the day, it’s a game, you CAN develop it to work, have creative ideas & be successful.

It’s no secret that Gears has been really stale the last few years, because it’s essentially still playing the same:

Small Maps,
Small Selection (feels so repetitive & boring),
Open Angles,
Static Maps (almost all).

The fact that MP doesn’t carry ALL previous weapons also doesn’t help with variety.

Now this isn’t asking for a Gears BR in this thread, that’s where I feel the game series can appeal to the masses but the main point is:

-KOTH is a fan favourite because as a mode, it’s tried & tested.

-5v5 should be the bare minimum standard, in fact, we should be looking at potentially a new map + 4v4v4 or 6v6 or even 5v5v5.

-Maybe in those modes, out of the 5v5v5 - 1 player per team has to que to spawn after a team mates death?

Just something different…

Control doesn’t work because:

It takes away the fun aspect of CAPTURING a hill,

It takes away the need to set up around a hill and someone having to risk going in to break,

It takes away the 2-rounds and some of the BEST games I’ve had are the 3-round ones.


It just feels very devoid of fun/atmosphere because you just be in the general area of this huge hill…

This in combination with the 4v4,

1 round,

Massive ring,

Pointless caps / breaks (because it’s just walk in/out) has really taken away from MP.

TC are taking backwards steps here,

Nothing fresh,

Nothing different,

Scaling back players in games,

And modes that just don’t / can’t replace old ones …,


There you have you answer. TC can only recycle stuff that has already been there for years. Everything new is half ■■■■■ not thought-out garbage. I always wonder where they get their feedback that leads to such decisions they make.

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I don’t mind control over koth tbh. I don’t find the modes too different from each other. I have a much bigger issue with matchmaking and ranking (or lack thereof).


This seems to be a repetitive theme.

But what isnt broke,

At least don’t try and “fix it”.

So far,

5v5 KOTH is the best mode,

And THAT isn’t saying much,

Because almost been playing it since 2006/07.

Control isn’t good enough to replace KOTH, especially at 4v4.


Control is not bad, but it shouldn’t replace KOTH. Either keep both of them or put control on social.


That’s an issue when it’s 4v4,

One “bad” teammate and that’s 25%/Quarter of your team…

It seems like Gears hasn’t been doing any kind of Skill Based Matchmaking and now it’s anyone v anyone.

4 v 4 sucks.


I mean, using the same logic, there isn’t much of a difference between 25% and 20%.

But I do agree 5v5 is much much better. I’m having a blast with guardian rn.

I don’t understand how we now have more options than ever before, whether you’re talking controller settings, FOV, cross play or game modes but we can’t simply have control and koth.

How is it logical that we are getting tdm full 4v4, guardian 5v5, esca and even execution 2.0 into ranked/competitive but we can’t have the option for control and koth? Would we get dodgeball in before giving in to what the community wants?

From what I have gathered, those who prefer control are against koth and those who prefer koth just want koth. I hate doing that left vs right stuff, I try to stay as objective as possible at all times but I can’t ignore what I have seen. There are people literally once again celebrating the “death” of a mode like they did with TDM a while back.

Leave control alone, leave it 4v4 and best of 1 round. Return koth 5v5 and best of three rounds.

All arguments about game mode redundancy are completely shortsighted and invalid. Okay, so make both modes available at the same time and tell me which one gets more players. The redundant mode by their definition would be control. Dying by their own sword.

Now that the game is dying. Let me repeat that, NOW THAT THE GAME IS DYING, TC is opening the flood gates to every imaginable option but we can’t simply have control and koth? We didn’t get all these options months ago. No, we are getting them now when the game is on life support. Make it make sense.

Where is the logic? It is entirely irrelevant if you prefer control over koth or not. What’s going on here is that TC is once again babying their new little puppy and forgetting the loyal dog.

Doesn’t matter what mode you prefer or any other argument, in your honest analysis of the community, do you think that koth would have more players than control? If the answer is yes (we know it is) then you have yourself a problem.

@TC_Sera @TC_Shauny @Surly_McGruff


5v5 KOTH should be an option.

I see that TC want to push / force Control as a mode,


For the reasons I listed,

It’s not as good as KOTH,

and I agree with yourself,

Give the players the choice.


King was terrible.

It was way too casual.

I would destroy a whole squad just for them to spawn by the ring.

How much BS can it be.

Control has spawns where you actually have to fight & not depend on shady spawns.

Are people mad because they don’t spawn next to the ring for easy points?

& that’s supposedly “competitive” I don’t know about that.


Yeah. Say you’re in Europe at a bar watching a soccer game. You want X game but the bar is literally full of supporters of another club wanting to watch Y game.

Why would X game, regardless of the implications of that game, be on more TVs than Y game? It means more, it’s two better teams, it’s gonna be more fun. Nonsense.

The bar wants to watch Y game. So…what do you put on most, not all, TVs?

@GuiltyCrisis i do think there are pros and cons, likes and dislikes and I certainly prefer control 4v4 over the boredom that was 4v4 koth. What we are saying is why not just have the option now that TC has opened the flood gates?


I suppose.

I just hated king because it was heavily spawn friendly.

Never understood the popularity in that.

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You control the Spawns in KOTH.

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You can but why.

Why not just same spawns & fight.

Like why should someone on the team be bored & anchor when we all can fight.

That’s why I like control.


I think you are emphasizing on the bad spawns a little too much. Maybe last time you played KOTH was on OP1 but the bad spawns didn’t happen as often as you are making it sound

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That’s not very “competitive”.

I played Control and nothing was special about spawns.


You can use your knowledge to give your team mates close spawns & your opponents far spawns.


When you’re trying to break the hill, you can “group” up faster with better positioning.

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I just played it yesterday & the spawns were disappointing.

Very friendly for those that die giving them good set up for what? Dying?..

@III_EnVii_III I don’t know man. Controlling spawns is equivalent to spawn trapping in tdm. I find it lame.

I believe everyone should just focus on playing & not having a poor lad to camp a spawn/block

What do you mean?


You have to know where to sit,

If you don’t,

Doesn’t work.

You have to actively hold a position.

I had a lot of fun with this, especially in Gears 4.

5v5 full stacks, locking spawns, giving your teammates a spawn, keeping time of the weapon respawns, knowing when to rotate early, when to stop dying…i could go on