Moderators Appreciation thread

Since the beginning of these forums, I’ve noticed that people makes tons of trash threads (I’ve been active member on lot of forums but this forum seems like it’s plagued by those threads), does not check if the problem or idea wasn’t already starter by someone else, does not respect the forum rules.

From this point, I’d like to thank @GhostofDelta2 @Ektope @EVIL_0NE and other moderators for keeping this forum clean and nice place to post your ideas, thought and opinions, even if the automatic systems blocks the thread constantly(recent thread about MPXP).

Thank you for your hard work.


And your patience.

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LadyWinterstorm appreciation thread


Up vote for ghosts dedication to the forums.At one point it seemed like he was the only tc affiliated person posting here.

Down vote for the other mods only recently being active. They need to be more active in here.
Ektope gets let off a bit as he’s been on here loads recently.

@Ektope has been active from the start of 5 from my recollection.

@EVIL_0NE has been less active on this forum than the one for 4, though I suspect some needed deletes are done in the background by him.

@DLCarr17 isn’t as active anymore that I’ve seen.

I honestly think that’s it now. There were more on the Gears 4 forum.

I left out @GhostofDelta2

Didn’t mean to brother.



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It’s not the mods I have a problem with here, it’s the crazy forum setup allowing negative votes toward certain posts to lock them from view or discussion. That IMO is the mod’s biggest obstacle here. It gives ranters far too much authority to reek havoc, and basically hijack the forum with their madding crowd mentality.

These are people (you all know who they are) that constantly treat their opinion as the only one that counts. Not long ago one with this attitude claimed there is a “unanimous” hate for the direction TC is taking Gears. Instead of admitting it’s not unanimous when I argued the point, the poster went on to harass, even via private message.

I then had to Mute this member, which is about the only saving grace this forum has against such atrocities. Like I said, it’s never been about the mods being a problem here, it’s the way the forum is setup, and it makes it very hard for them to do their jobs. If anything, any mod willing to work in an environment like this deserves kudos.

My point is, it doesn’t have to be this way. The forum would be far lest caustic and more civil without this right to vote posts hidden, and even threads locked. It’s an easy way for trouble causers to get away with attacking members whom are only trying to enjoy the game and the forum without chaos. So please, those whom have the power to do so, consider changing the structure of the forum in that regard. No forum does well when chaos rules.


My appreciation its towards @GhostofDelta2 he has been kind to me and has always allow me to do my shows and performance art . He has very helpful and understanding I think he is one of the best moderators around .

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Moderators, I’ve got some of my replies deleted without any reasons lately - I’ts compatible with forums rules - and it was done without any notification…

One that shows a clip of gameplay, other one was replying to steer a discussion into correct direction…etc

Do I have to appreciate anybody for that?