Mode Tutorials?

Is there anything in game that explains Horde or Escape modes?
I’ve not played a Gears game since back in the 360 days, it’s so much more complicated now. The game held my hand for 15 minutes to teach me the basics of simply using a controller but they can’t do a brief explanation video for all these needlessly obtuse mechanics??
Either I’m completely dense, or I’ve missed something, or this is just a really stupid design choice.

There is only 2 tutorial the first one you get training ground with del and the campaign that help you found weakness in enemy even if it’s not a tutorial after that you need to experience the horde mode and escape you can begin in recrute mode (easy mode) and go up in difficulty when you get enough perk

Yeah I’m down with the general gameplay - cover, executions, weakspots etc. but I have literally no idea what I’m supposed to be doing in Horde haha!
What are taps? How do I actually capture them instead of my hero just shouting that he is? What’s the fabricator for? Why should I deposit power into it? Took me 4 atrocious failures before I even realised I could buy perks!
Perhaps it would help if I were able to join a game where other players aren’t all afk… is that a common problem or am I just unlucky?
At this point I’m very glad I got this on gamepass, I’d be raging if I’d actually spent money on it!

They made video tutorials for Horde around the time the game launched. They’re on YouTube I think.

If you want a fast idea of stuff :

  • Tap get you energy each round that you need to press a button to collect , to capture them stay in circle until the construct pop or see the circle go full blue like king of the hill concept the energy collected go up each round if the tap don’t die

  • Fabricator the main stuff for engineers but other class too you can buy defense/weapon/grenade deposit is for engineer in the group for upgrading stuff or buy building or if you have extra energie and don’t know what to do

  • Perk can give you minor benefits depend on the character and class cost energie, engineer don’t have perk for reason that there are the one to build and repair stuff

U forgot > JD… to kill everything

Yeah but it depend on what character he or her pic so yeah giving him or her meta character is bad idea for beginner

There’s one thing that still bugs about the lancer in gears 5, I’m sure you’ve also wondered why they change the default chainsaw button, right?

It’s not just that they changed it. They locked reload and chainsaw together.

That’s what I’m talking about, I had to change my controller setup.

Now I can hold B to chainsaw and RB to reload, problem is RB is also Pickup and Execution.

This was one of the biggest requests from Horde players back in Gears 4. Give tutorials for each class and for Horde. What does, and what doesn’t work.

Bootcamp is a good beginners tutorial but it doesn’t really do much in the grand scheme of things.

That’s why they need to give players a gears 2 boot camp.

There was basic training, the gamemode training, hell you could even make your own training match.

Just baffling.

The best thing about Gears is the community and there’s a lot of passionate content creators who have made extensive guides. That how I really got into Horde.