Modded rapid fire controller? Or not? What do you think? (video)

We played a game where most of the opposing team was doing only cross, with lancers and snubs. Didn’t think much of it until this happened:

That’s a pretty quick down with a snub… Slapping that trigger that fast, while keeping the gun perfectly steady on target (the tracers show a straight line, no jumping up/down/etc)… I’m tempted to say this was a rapid fire modded controller - what do you guys think?

Thats very questionable. I have shot a snub very fast and know what it sounds like at that speed but that was like machine gun fire. Sure the player may very well be faster than me on the trigger and accurate but it just seems a bit odd to me and you were down in less than a second.

He shot 9 times in like 2 secs

I feel like this when I play but, I have problems with people doing that with Lancers from a long distance they kill me rapidly. That down happened too fast.

I can’t speak for xbox players or controllers but on KB/M I can lick off the whole clip in about 1.5 seconds with little impact to aim using index finger rapidly on the mouse1 button.

What type of mouse do you have and what is the need to keep clicking to shoot a Lancer? Isn’t it automatic just hold it down?

This wasnt a PC player

I was replying to the other players comment about being able to shoot the whole Lancer clip in 1.5 seconds.

If you listen to the fire it sounds like he shot about 3 or four time and when you died it says 9 shots. That is amazing lol

Snub, not lancer

I have a logitech G502

Don’t shots to the head with the snub do more damage? (Especially with active). If that’s the case then I don’t think he has a modded controller.

I think its an elite comtroller. I habe trigger stops on mine and can shoot closely to that vid. There is a rof cap

I really don’t think it was a modded controller. The sound was weird, but i think he just had an active. It really didn’t even seem that fast.

I should clarify. The sound of him shooting didn’t sound that fast. You definitely went down quick. I think there may have been some lag involved or something. It just didn’t sound right.