Mock crying expression

i am mad at the fact i spent 500 iron on the fahz mock crying expression when this week now there is one for all characters same price making me pay 500 again for it when i thought each character was going to have there own emote wtfff i want a refund to buy the weekly one now how do i proceed with this??


This isn’t the first emote that has a character specific version. The “Get Hype” emote has a Drone specific version, so it already happened before.

not fair i want all my characters to have this emote and everyone is goin to now but me because i fell victum to a hustle smfh

Yeah, that was a sh*tty move on their part tbh.


I don’t think you can refund it since you technically bought it with Iron and not money, so I don’t know.

they can update the game and delete everyone that has fahz crying and replace it to the weekly one for the people that bought it

Just for irony, here’s a crying emote for you. :sob:


I was going to post a gif of the emote just for the laughs, but I genuinely feel bad for the OP so decided against it.

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Wow. This is a new low for TC. Jesus wept! Just when you think they can’t screw their fans over anymore, they pull this.

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Hey btw @OnyxCrimsonBlur have you seen this? Definitely some good business practices going on here.

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Yup, it’s a bunch of BS.

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Instead of pay to win, it’s pay to cry. :joy:


When TC has to resort to fleecing a few bucks from people who want to actually spend money in their store, you know something is not right.

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Wait what? You’re saying all the characters can use the Get Hype emote? I have that one for the drone specifically but didn’t see it anywhere that it could be used on all characters. I unlocked it through one of the medal series from Tour of Duty so I didn’t use iron or money to pay for it. Guessing TC will tell me to suk it up but you prob have a chance of them looking into it because that was dirty to sell emote for a specific character then unlock it for everyone shortly after. Not cool at all.

Pretty sure they have sold it as a global emote for all characters, same as this crying emote.

Ahh, well I try my best not to glance in the store, out of fear of being tempted to buy skins/emotes. I’m guessing their idea of practice is to unlock a emote for a specific character as a preview to get people to purchase it for all characters. Thanks for the clarification anyhoo!

Is there any different about the Fahz-specific expression compared to the universal one?

It’s only an emote and if anyone on my team uses it I’m backing out because I’m not playing with children.