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Mixer streams on on mobile errors

(Embry Starred) #1

Making this thread for people to add to it but some frequent problems that occur i experience while watching streams on mobile.
-keyboard types gibberish unless you mess with the chat box but you cannot simply type and chat without adjustments.

-timers do not count at all on mobile even if the screen is on the entire time

-page goes completely blank when trying to load the website on mobile.

Just a few i noticed this is on android devices

(DeathScythe M01) #2

Well, I said it yesterday so I’ll just copy/paste. :point_down:

I’m refreshing and refreshing the gears fight night webpage and doesn’t show it to me. I just want to reclaim the markza. Also, I answered questions on the stream to participate on the raffles.

Is the webpage down? Does anybody have the same problem? I tried on Twitch, Mixer and MLG and nothing works.

Update: Well I missed it, THANKS to the problems with the webpage. (Still, can’t get access)
Hope, the page get fix and works fine by tomorrow or I will miss the the workshop sniper skin too.
Can we get I second tomorrow to claim the Team glow Markza. Because, I don’t want to have my Team Glow weapons incomplete.

At that time I was out of home.

(DeathScythe M01) #3

Looks, like the problem has been fixed. Check it out by yourself.