Mixed feelings on the update

I’ve barely played since getting general in season 2, so I tried a few games over the last few days, and no, the game is not better. The new map is awful, the changes to loadouts make no sense. Swapping JDs GL for a boom shot…WHY???
I’m sure there are other things, but I’ve literally only played enough to do the dailies. Oh, nice adding a 4th one.
I read there was supposed to be more ammo, or less starvation of ammo at least…where the fk is that at??? Using a longshot and still only getting 3 or 4 rounds, still only 1 heavy weapon round per box…
I also like the change to the menu listing your team when playing, much easier to read with the solid background on it.
All in all though, I’ll go back to playing The Division 2, since I’ve beaten the first one.

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