Missins san Diego. skins

ive watched the san Diego pro circuit. from t c pre match show and ive had troubles claing any other skin and my retwets no working i hope there a way to get them after really sad every ones having trouble sort some thing out plz i was looking forward for this event and the first days let me down not being able to participate in the fun and excitement i. m usedd to with pro circuit. ev. Thanks for the gears team ive been rewarded my san diago skins still waiting for the animal team skins but i know the hard work of the collision and gears of war teami will get them soon !!!

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log out, close your browser then log back in …it wasnt working in the beginning

yeah i claimed skins but have no idea if it actually went through

Give it 2 weeks, as they may be doing a manual rollout due to the quest issues. If by then you still didnt recieve the skins then post in the thread below.

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Hi i claimed,message that was claimentd,stay tuned as 3h45 a.m. on europe , lanzor team animal whatch more the 4h the stream m,many problems of quests ,but i have some pic of lanzor claimed and seriously… nothing received…what is that???the same with kaomax 2 days ago …after I saw the ghnasher but I didn’t try to claim … Really not happy.this is not really serious.I hope you can do something …

Are you saying that you are sans the San Diego skins

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I haven’t the,kaomax, lanzor animal skin .

Just 2 pics of lanzor that I never received…i saw the gnasher and I leave disappointed the stream.i didn’t try the quest .on Europe was 4 h a.m. To stay for nothing is not fear

Read through the post…up to 2 weeks after the next update

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