Missing this flag in Gears 5

Missing this flag of Bolivia

Are u kidding me? Plz tell me this is a troll post…of all the things wrong that u could point out to improve the game or criticize and ur crying that a flag is missing?

People did the same thing in Gears 4

Maybe they will do a flag of the Santa Blanca! :smirk:
Viva la Ghost Recon Wildlands!!! :sunglasses:

That’s a quick 500 iron for a flag. I would make it if I were them.

True but is it worth it for them to put up a flag that maybe only a handful of players will buy. Dont get me wrong, there should probably be a flag for each country available but I think its based on player percentage or popularity.

My post was just a little shot at tc for iron grabbing, but I will say that it isn’t 100% cool to feature National flags without making a super wide-range of them. Rocket League features almost every national flag in the world. They definitely have more important things to worry about, but it’s just flags ya know? I don’t think it’s art that they have to create from scratch.

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Looking at how things are going in this game, putting an extra flag in the game might be rocket science to them lol


Hey man its just a flag no reason to get so worked up over a guy wanting a flag in the game.

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I find it refreshing to see a post that isn’t about the damn ranking system or Gnasher.


can we get this flag

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