Missing studios lancer

Continuing the discussion from Lancer microsoft studio skins news:

I’m missing the studios lancer was this part of the challenges?

In the same case…

The Studios Lancer was part of the E3 briefing rewards on Mixer.

Therefore, having the two challenge achievements wont make a difference, as well as the Snub, which was released on a Dev stream a couple of weeks ago.

As i said in other topic : ‘’ It’s ridiculous, all weapons would be unlockable in the game… It rewards for a challenge on 15 days. Great.
But, to hide two weapons of the same set in streaming hours, lancer and snub, it’s a pure joke ! ‘’
All players of the world can’t be watching this event of one or two hours !!!
It’s clearly stupid !

Snub was back in a day reward connection. It’s good. But lancer ?