Missing skins which had been in inventory for months anyone?

I still have the syndrome skins on my COG characters but not anymore on any horde character??!?!
Has this occurred to anyone before?? tried restarting game but no avail.

They’ve done it on purpose the midnight omen skins can only be used on swarm and the syndrome skins can only be used on cog.


awwwww didnt hear anything bout that… all good then… cheers :slight_smile:

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If I had known this earlier or if I was informed, then I wouldn’t had gone and changed my already equipped Weapon Skins!

Although, I still have the SYNDROME Weapon Skins (They have not been swapped/ switched) on my SWARM Character!

For equality and fairnesss, I would love to have all Equipped Weapon Skins Reset to Default!

As I am still able to use my Blue Skins on Swarm.