Missing skill cards in gears 5 horde

I want to hear what your thoughts are on gears 4 skill cards that are still missing in gears 5. And would you bring them back to 5 or not, hopefully on the new operation??? I’m only calling out important cards. Please let me know which one I missed out.

I don’t know about you guys but I do miss the old classic “called shot” from the sniper on gears 4. I still remember as heavy I just have to land one or two good dropshots on snatcher’s head (inconceivable mode) and the rest was history, thanks to the call shot.
Another card that I do feel like it was missing from Fahz was “magic bullet.” I felt like that card was really good as long as you constantly getting headshot kills it would increase the damage. However, I wasn’t really big fan on “sniper strike” but some players loved it. I can imagine having that on new character on his ultimate ability lol.

The soldier had decent cards to. The “resupply” card was so unbelievably good. I normally would get nade every 15 seconds and to top up add the grenade plant card where you can plant maximum of 9 nades. Still won’t forget how players use to spam nades on the mercy map in spawn section as soldier lol. Question is would you give those nade cards (resupply and plant nade) to Sarah Connor since she has grenade damage and grenade capacity cards or give it to new character??? Me personally I would give to Sarah with additional bleeding nade damage card to make her fair and balance cards. Hammer of dawn was another card that soldier had but I wasn’t really big fan on. But saying that lot of players like it.

As for engineer, I do feel the “sentry speed” card is missing considering how bad the sentry’s are in this game. Please note: I don’t spam the sentry’s as engineer. I always rely on my team. I only build 4-5 mg sentry’s at the back of the base (not at the front of the barriers like I usually see from engineers lol) because of annoying guardians. But I still do feel the mg sentry are weak in this game compared to gears 4.

I think there’s definitely a place for many of these old GOW4 skills, but some will need some tweaking to prevent it being too overpowered.

Resupply (the old Soldier grenade restoring card) was great, and would be especially useful for Sarah Connor given she only gets a damage buff from grenades and can’t get more aside from ammo boxes.

I’d have wanted a proper full-on grenadier character as a Hero, but it looks like TC will be making some major changes to the PVE Hero system now, so we not see any new roles. Anyway, the idea I had in mind, was for this Grenadier character to be versatile and able to use a combination of grenades and have cards that buffed this; including adding a stim-grenade which allows them to buff team mates. This would have allowed players to chose what kind of grenadier they wanted to play as - offensive (using frags etc) or as a healer-support. They could have had a grenade buff card which both increases capacity and allows grenades to regenerate. By combining a card together they could break the level up stages to (level 1) increases grenade capacity by 1; (level 2) replenish 1 grenade every 15 seconds; (level 3) increase capacity by 2; (level 4) replenish 1 grenade every 10 seconds; (and (level 5) increase capacity by 3. This way it’s not too overpowered overwise you’d have players with large numbers of stim-grenades or something.

Magic Bullet is the big thing missing from Fahz at the moment. He’s a decent character, but he’s a tiny bit short - namely because on Master difficulty waves 41-50 there is a very noticeable drop in his viability. Magic Bullet is perfect because it rewards players who can hit consecutive headshots. The trouble with the Ambush card is that if Fahz gets a headshot but doesn’t result in a kill, then he loses the ability to follow up with an equally strong headshot (or if any team mate injures an enemy).

Sniper Strike is another skill I think would be nice for a future sniper character. My idea was to combine this with the Beacon Grenades from Judgment - activating the ultimate allows a player to use a Beacon Grenade and anything that enters the radius is hit with a Longshot headshot every 2.5 seconds or something (and could allow headshots on the same target if they survive the first shot if they are still in the radius). Upgrading the card will increase the radius and rate of fire. This would be a nice twist to Sniper Strike so players can use it to control chokepoints, rather than the game just choosing X-number of random targets to hit.

But on the whole, I’d like for more status effect skills. We have stun, bleed, shock, ice and fire, so it would be nice to see some characters use this more. We rely too much on bleed, and it would be nice to have some alternatives to it.

Not sure that I ever ran sentry speed in Gears 4.

And I did a ton of speed runs.

Do agree though. Lots of skills from 4 could easily be added to 5.

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