Missing Season 5 2v2 Rank Stats Page

So I noticed today that the Season 5 Tiers are listed on the stats page…I hit D5 last season in 2v2s and it’s the only playlist that doesn’t show up on my stats loll go figure. Anyone else missing 2v2s??

Side note: I thought I read somewhere that Coalition fixed the 2v2s bug that doesn’t show your match totals in the 2v2 playlist?? I still have 0’s across the board…my Execution wins are off the charts though thanks to the bug lolol

EDIT: Here’s the link: https://twitter.com/CoalitionGears/status/1096473520769396736


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2v2 Rank is missing from my S5 Ranks too.

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Yeah everyone is missing 2v2s. The past ranks are so broken it’s not even funny. Season 1 or 2 has duplicate modes, missing Warzone, sometimes Arms Race is there, sometimes isn’t, Diamonds don’t show up before season 3, Windows 10 ranks from prior to season 3 are always Diamond no matter what, etc.

Oh and no, the 2v2 current stats aren’t working yet either. They said they know about it and have an email thread about it, so it’s on the radar.


FIXED…Appreciate it