Missing Road to Gears 5 emblem #1

I got all 11 Road to Gears 5 challenges completed but don’t have the #1 emblem for Gilded Raam even though I unlocked it… Only have #2 through #11
Anyone else?

You and half the community. But this will be flagged because its too late.

When did you complete the Raam challenge?


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look through again. Its not in the same spot as the rest it should be more towards the top

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Searched the card companion app as well…not there

If it isn’t there, I would contact TC https://twitter.com/coalitiongears

It was called Gilded Challenge, not Road to Gears 5. It doesn’t group with the rest.

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ok so if you go to customization and look under emblems the #1 Glided emblem is under G and the rest is under R


You’re right !! thanks to all for the clarification!!