Missing purchase

Like I said, contact microsoft support directly then. If they can’t help, no one can

I already did and they told me that whoever handled the game had to solve the problem

Funny. When I had a question regarding store-purchases I got pointed towards the xbox-support. Guess no one wants to take the blame. If you get lucky Kilo or Sera will respond beyond “thread closed - create ticket”.

@TC_Kilo1062 for context; Paduk was released 5 months ago, the Drone 4 months. It shouldn’t take that long to get a response for a ticket where money is involved.

The person bought off the gears store, not the Microsoft store. You may have had issues regarding the Microsoft store be it dlc or whatnot

What’s the difference?

The worry is totally understandable, we want to sort these, we can’t action much in regards to CS via Tweets so we have to use the ticket system for this.

Also happy to keep being tagged by you! :slight_smile:

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@TC_Kilo1062 I already sent a ticket, please help me, my gt is SCO PhantomS

All Microsoft will tell you is request a refund which i did that an it got denied … So now im out 10$ an a chrome skin

How did you pay though? Via Paypal, credit-card or account-credit?

Doesn’t matter how i paid i was charged an money was taken out even if i used credit i paid it off already

has nothin to do with Tc they got their money you owe the bank if you don’t pay… i never had a problem until this game

There are literally a bunch of threads popping up about purchase errors so it cant just be a coincidence

same happened to me, I bought chrome steel lahni 3 DAYS ago TWO TIMES! First i bought it like every ther esport skin, in the gears 5 store. Then a message appeared saying thet the purchase was succsesful but they had service conection problems adding the item in my inventory, so i waited. Yesterday I BOUGHT IT AGAIN but from the microsoft store, as a game add on, and STILL, BOTH PURCHASES even show up as completed in my order history. But if u lunch the game or search it up in the store it appears as if I hadnt buy it yet .:frowning: I also sent 2 request and i got none response. I hope the issue solves soon and i get my skin cuz if not id be throwing 19 dolars to the garbage

But with Paypal you could open a case since you didn’t recieve what you paid for. Same with credit-card, open a claim or whatever it’s called and get your money back.
TC either aren’t too interested in solving this issue or it’s out of their reach. But even if the latter is the case they really should bother Microsoft more about this issue and get it sorted out.

There was a thread recently where a guy has been waiting for 6 months to a respond of his ticket. SIX months! When they already had this money!

@IVitxls make sure you open a ticket right away AND ONLY ONE! to get this solved as quickly as possible. Like I said above, I kinda doubt that TC can only solve this through their ticket-system but that’s what they claim so better safe than sorry.


The thing is i want the skin i dont want the refund i only requested one

so i can repurchase it before they take it out the store but xbox denied it

i wasnt goin to press buy again i seen someone on reddit say they purchased CS twice an didnt get it but still got charged

And if he waited that long he must have not given them enough information because i never heard waitin more than a month without a response

The thing is; if someone else has been waiting 6 months already; how likely do you think it is that TC gets this solved in a timely manner. The broken re-ups still haven’t been fixed for everyone after almost 2 weeks. And that affected a lot more people than a missing purchase does.

With TCs support? 1 month would be really fast for them.

@TC_Kilo1062 wouldn’t it be possible to create a pinned topic where everyone with missing purchases could post their GT/proof of purchase to get this solved quicker similiar to the re-up-thing you did for certain GTs? Maybe use twitter to advertise the thread over there to reach more people with this issue.

And I obviously don’t know how your store-system works but wouldn’t it technically be possible to force something that checks everyones purchase-history and adds those skins again?

I have never had to wait more than a month to hear back an if he purchased 1 an didnt get it why would he buy more skins just doesn’t make sense to me

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It was finally resolved for me after 3 weeks like i said idk how he has been waiting 6 months that doesnt make sense to me


Bro seriously that they have not responded to me about my missing skins, I would go to something legal because the truth is frustrating that more than a month passes and I do not receive a response, and more because I invested money in this which is not reflected what i buy.

Did you pay with credit an did you submit a ticket ? I also did not recieve a response but it was fixed after 3 weeks also i sent screenshots… Only once had this problem but i used paypal credit an i paid it off so i assumed maybe that was the issue

I don’t really want to get to that, but since October I have not received a response and today I just bought and nothing, I did not receive my chrome steel weapon skins again.

All i can say is send them screenshots of purchase history an try to submit a ticket again make sure to give them the right email an gamertag