Missing "Perfect run" achievement

I was just playing horde with some guys. We did the monster mash insane difficulty on war machine. None of us died for the entire horde nor got disconnected and stuff like that. Despite that none of us got the “Perfect run” achievement. Why is that?
The achievement description says 25 or 50 wave variant so I don’t think that monster mash is the problem.

Hmm a lot of people reporting issues at the moment.

I noticed Xbox was having issues sending messages too - so many errors :-1:


Well I think this last update hurt this game more than ever…I’ve had people freeze and get kicked out of the lobby this tracker system doesn’t work and there are glitches for the horde achievements

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Keeps TC in a job because now that they broke it, they can fix it again with next update :raised_hands:

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Lmao job security huh

Haha totally :open_hands:

So you think it is an Xbox issue and not a Gears one?

Did your soldiers/heavies kill themselves before the fabricator dropped at the start of the game for that extra power? (just covering bases)

If not it’s probably glitched just like the You Are The Support Son achievement.

We beat Lift with 5 Soldiers on insane AND no one used the fabricator for 50 waves. Got the Lift achievement but the other wouldn’t pop. Everyone on TrueAchievements is saying you have to do it on a 25 wave horde for it to register.